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Google Releases The Official Orkut App For iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Orkut might be a somewhat-forgotten social network ever since Facebook and Twitter gained popularity, but the fact of the matter is, it still enjoys 60 million active users. It remains to be seen what Google intends to do with the service (a merger with Google+ might be on the cards), but for now, the depleted number of Orkut users have reason to rejoice, as the official app for Orkut is now available for iOS. Read on to know all about the surprisingly well-developed app.

Orkut iOS Orkut Homepage iOS

Not many people might actually use the app, but to be fair, the interface on Orkut is awesome. The welcome page has options to simply log in using your account specifics, or if you don’t have an account (or have forgotten everything about it, like me), you can sign up for a new one. On first login, you will have to accept Orkut’s terms of services, and then you will be taken to the app’s homepage. There are 6 menus listed on that page. You can view and edit your Profile from within the app, while the Updates section lists all the current notifications you have received. The app also has a separate section for viewing your friends’ Birthdays.

Orkut iOS Feed Orkut iOS Photos

Orkut is all about sending and receiving Scraps, and the app features full functionality of scrapbook. The photo uploader of Orkut is amazingly good, and while uploading a pic, you can also add locations and tags to it. A more than decent app, and Google has definitely did it right with the app at least.

You can get the app for free by heading to the App Store link below.

Download Orkut

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