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How To Boot Android From SD Card Of HTC HD2 With MAGLDR

HTC HD2 AndroidAndroid has been ported to the HTC HD2 for quite a while now and until recently, the only way of running it on the device was to install it on the SD card memory. While it is now possible to run it from the internal NAND memory of the HD2, you will still need to run it from the SD card if you install Windows Phone 7 or another Android build on the internal memory instead. In this guide, we will show you how to setup and boot Android from the SD card of your HD2 using MAGLDR.

If you don’t know what MAGLDR is, you’re missing out on a lot. Check out detailed guide on what is MAGLDR and how to install it on HTC HD2 and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Once you have MAGLDR installed, managing any number of Android installations on your phone’s SD card as well as one build of Android or Windows Phone 7 on the internal memory becomes a breeze.

Here’s how to get your favorite SD card Android build for HTC HD2 configured to boot using MAGLDR:



  1. Go through the instructions provided with your ROM carefully.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded ROM’s zip file and copy them to the SD card as instructed by the ROM developer.
  3. Configure any settings for the ROM as instructed by the developer.
  4. Power your HD2 off and boot it into MAGLDR menu by keeping the power button pressed.
  5. Go to Services > Boot Settings > AD SD Dir.
  6. Select the directory on your SD card that contains your Android build of choice. (You can have multiple Android ROMs setup on the SD card using the above steps and choose whichever you want to boot using this step.)
  7. Go to Services > Boot Settings > Boot source.
    • Select ‘Android from SD’ if you want this SD build to automatically boot when you power your device on.
    • Select ‘Android from NAND’ if you have an Android build installed on the internal NAND memory of your HD2 as well and want that one to automatically boot when your phone starts.
    • Select ‘WPH from NAND’ if you have Windows Phone 7 installed on your HD2 and want that to boot automatically upon powering the HD2 on.
  8. From the main MAGLDR menu, choose ‘Boot AD SD’ to boot into Android from the SD card.
  9. Follow any instructions provided with the ROM on what to do upon first boot. Usually it is a good idea to reboot the device once after the first boot. Also notice that it is normal for the first boot to take a long while.

If you chose to automatically boot Android from NAND or Windows Phone 7 in the Boot source option, you can still boot into Android from SD card whenever you want. Simply power your device off and then power it back on by holding the power button until you see the MAGLDR menu. Now simply select ‘Boot AD SD’ and your phone will boot into Android from the SD card.

You might also want to check out how to install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2 with MAGLDR and how to dual-boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2 with MAGLDR.


  1. I have installed WP7 and Android on my HTC HD2 (on SD Card), but when I use the camera or open album in Android it says ‘Insert an SD card before using the camera’. As my OS (Android) is itself in SD Card how can I ask camera to work ?

  2. u rock the partay – thanks for making a noobs life easier – xda forums is cool, but hard work to start with – cheers!

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