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How To Install Windows Phone 7 On HTC HD2 With MAGLDR

HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7While we have previously covered installing Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2, we didn’t have a chance to try it out ourselves then but over the past few weeks, we have been playing around with our HD2 quite extensively including Windows Phone 7 installation. That’s why we are bringing you a whole series of guides in a much more organized way to help you make the best out of your HTC HD2. Read on for more details and the complete installation instructions.

The previous guide still contains valuable information as we were amongst the first to cover it when Windows Phone 7 for the HTC HD2 was news. For this reason, we will not be replicating the information about the ROM itself from that guide into this one and you can see it as well as the videos demonstrating it there directly by checking out our previous post on installing Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2.

However, that post should now just serve as information on the ROM and not as the installation guide, as we are attempting to significantly organize all information on the HTC HD2 and its hacks and that involves splitting guides into multiple ones because a part of them is relevant in other hacks as well, and also because the primary tool used in our old guide i.e. MAGLDR has been updated and the newer version have more to offer that needs to be highlighted.

Once you have checked out that post for the information on Windows Phone 7 for the HTC HD2, you may continue reading here for getting it up and running on your device.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. Download the ROM and extract its contents to your computer.
  2. Power your HTC HD2 off and boot it into MAGLDR menu by long-pressing the Power button.
  3. Select USB Flasher mode.
  4. Connect your phone to the PC via USB.
  5. Launch DWI.exe from the files extracted in step 1.
  6. Follow any on-screen instructions carefully to flash the ROM to the HD2.
  7. Once the installation is complete, the phone will automatically reboot into Windows Phone 7.

Congratulations! You should now be running Windows Phone 7 on your HTC HD2.

Note: If you want to dual-boot your HD2 with both Windows Phone 7 and Android, you need to configure your SD card first. See how to dual-boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2.

Later on, we will be featuring a complete guide on how unlock and enable app sideloading as well as Marketplace access on your HD2 running Windows Phone 7 and will be updating the links here so stay tuned!

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  • EDub

    I did this and my interent explorer is not working –

    It reads:

    Action Was Canceled

    We couldn’t open the page. It may be temporarily unavailable,

    My location is turned on
    Active Netowork reads: T-Mobile
    Data Connection: ON
    3G Connection: ON
    Network Selection: Automatic.

    Is there a way I can set the internet to operate on windows 7 for my HD2?


    • Zed

      I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

      • Moose

        Did you guys try to add an APN setting?
        settings>Cellular>add APN: epc.tmobile.com no password or username and save

        • Zed

          thanks man, but it didn’t work neither. Maybe I should unlock it first to make it work, right?

          • Moose

            you probably should! i have t-mobile and it works fine. check this out and see if it helps http://www.jayceooi.com/2011/01/17/how-to-unlock-windows-phone-7-htc-hd2-with-chevronwp7/

            • Zed

              Thanks Moose,

              but the seventh step needs to access the internet,

              “7. Login to your email account (on phone), open that email, select attachment and install the cert.”

              what should I do now !!!

              • Moose

                Try connecting your phone to a wifi or 3g network and setup ur hotmail or gmail on the phone under emails and accounts under settings and use that to access the email that has the certificate. if u ont have hotmail or gmail create one just to transfer the certificate and set it up on the phone.
                hope this helps

  • Moose

    GREAT Build!

    I’ve had HD2 since it was released and I have to say I never enjoyed it more than I do now with the WM7 build.
    I have ported it to Android 2.1 and 2.2 along with WM6.5 but WM7 is so far the best!

    Everything is functioning correctly except for a small annoyance which is LED notifications! I haven’t been able to find a fix for it to make LED notification appear for missed calls, SMS, emails etc… It is not a big deal but I will definitely be coming back to check any updates you post on here.

    Again great job on this and thanks.

    Here is some links that I found very helpful after installing WM7 on my HD2.

  • Renzo

    Trying to install Windows 7 on my HD2, I’m on MAGLDR unable to locate DAF.exe on the ROM downloaded on the step here described as “Installing Windows Phone 7 to your HTC HD2 is a piece of cake once MAGLDR has been installed. “

    • LOZY

      help i cant also fing DAF.exe in the ROM i downloaded theres only DWI.exe, enterbootloader.exe and rapitool.exe. help my hd2 is just a brick now, where can i find this DAF.exe???

    • Moose

      Just run the DWI.exe its the same thing. thats what i did.

      • LOZY

        thanks, i got it working and am loving it but i cant get access to market place,
        can you point me to any links on installing apps and other programs?

        • Moose

          Hi, the way i enabled marketplace and windows live is by calling microsoft support and make sure u tell them u have an HD7 phone and u need the windows activation code!
          here is the link to microsoft support based on the country. (Scroll down to the Contact information and hours of operation)


          • Nazu Yusufzai

            hi i need a wee help with the activation code how would i do this
            and what question would they asked me??
            as i wanna sound real that i have a windows 7 not an hd2
            thanks 🙂

  • ken

    How do I UNDO EVERYTHING to get my old windows mobile back:
    Remove Magdlr
    and if necessary reinstall the factory HardSPL
    and if necessary the remove the Radio

    If i need to flash a stock winMo 6, please point where to find it.
    Please HELP. thanks in advance.

    • Moose
    • julius

      you need to hard reset it.follow is this proceedure.
      1.turn off you htc mobile phone
      2.press the volume button ( both the up an down together) and hold it
      3. turn on your phone while still holding the the vol keys.
      4.you would see a tri-color screen,then follow the prompt.
      this process would return you to the default setting of your phone.try it

    • Douglas


      I have the Ruu_Duttys_HD2_3.14_WWE_5.29020.5.3.12_Family_(V25)_Ship, for T-Mobile US, original with english version, it’s easy to go back original whit this, pass to me a ftp that I can send to you.
      The file size is 154,054 KB.

      •  Douglas can you please upload to Mediafire? thanks

  • LOZY

    i cant get access to market place,
    can you point me to any links on installing apps and other programs?

    • LOZY

      Later on, we will be featuring a complete guide on how unlock and enable app sideloading as well as Marketplace access on your HD2 running Windows Phone 7 and will be updating the links here so stay tuned!


      • Moose

        The way i enabled marketplace and windows live is by calling microsoft support and make sure u tell them u have an HD7 phone and u need the windows activation code!
        here is the link to microsoft support based on the country. (Scroll down to the Contact information and hours of operation)


        • BJackson

          They told me to go to another site.. What did you exactly say??

  • Ken

    Is the WP7 version the RTM or SP1?

  • BJackson

    Works great didnt expect to go as well.. >>> alhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbpYCOKFoYoso watching this was a big help… <<< the background music is a killer.. 🙂

  • BJackson

    and another thing the data services didnt work at first until I rebooted the phone. now Im gonna try and get the market running .. BRB

  • BJackson

    Market is now active .. Runnin windows 7 in full affect

  • Amar

    I am able to install the windows 7 on my HTC HD2.

    I am not able to connect to market place or windows live. can you tell me how to do that

  • andrew

    if i do this upgrade from windows 6.5 to windows 7 is their any way that the upgrade will brick or brake the phone. thanks

  • Dylan

    I just installed the all of the software but I am unable to use the flash on the camera. Just wondering if there was a solution.

  • dspuk

    Hi – All installed fine and working – every time I try to install apps or take pictures though it says storage limit reached – tried several cards and its a 2GB card fitted. Anyone else had this issue?


    • Oscar

      Yes me. Any solution?

  • Bijesh


    I have successfully installed WP7 on my HTC HD2. I am able to make/receive calls, send/and receieve sms/mails, I am able to use wireless/3G and internet. I am using Vodafone India mobile connection. Can any body help me with the following;
    1. I am not able to login to Windows Live account, hence unable to access Market. It is asking for some code. Wher will i get this code? or any other method to loggin to Live account?
    2. How will I be able to remove some WP7 tiles from Start Screen?
    3. Anybody is having the operation manual for this ROM
    4. I am also not able to see teh camera setting? Where wiull i get this?

    Please help

  • Bijesh

    To day I connected the my phone (HD2 with WP7 ROM) to Zune. There is an update avalable for WP7. I am not able to update teh same through Zune. What shall be done to update the same through Zune and use the full features of WP7. Please guide me.


  • atat

    big noob question….my new and improved windows phone does not recognize the 16 gb storage card….i get low space warning?

  • Sameh

    Great work, many thanks

  • zippyc

    Brilliant stuff!

    Having a few problems with the Wifi and also getting the low memory warnings even with a blank 2GB memory card.

  • justin

    so i have in all installed. called and got activation code. i can use market place through wifi but cant use regular internet when wifi is off.. any ideas?

  • Nazu Yusufzai

    ok lets seee just had my phone for a month and i am gonna try this 🙂
    finger cross for me 🙂 hehehe

  • Jay

    Installation went great!
    Only problem is the memory.
    Is there any way to remove windows phone from my hd2?

  • Douglas

    Someone knows if it’s possible to make dual boot with Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile 6.5 in a HD2 T-Mobile US ??

  • tom

    I just ran across your article on installing Win 7 Mobile. I got the courage up to do it yesterday. Well, I follow your instructions to the “T” and everything came out just fine. The only problem I had was I needed to add the APN to the Cellular section. I have T-Mobile also so it just picked it right up and Internet Explorer is working just fine. The process was pretty easy actually.

  • dominus dem

    Hi. Thanks for the software and installation guide. I now have windows 7 running on my hd2, but it keeps saying memory low even when I have a 4gb card on it. Plus, the phone name is now ‘htc Schubert’. Pls assist. Thanks…

  • spleetwarts

    looks like a lot folks have got the low memory issue and i’ve got that too.. i can’t take pictures, install app, access the market, send text messages or even add contacts. Please help us solve this issue once and for all. Thanks in advance

  • spleetwarts

    also noticed each time i restart the phone, all my settings resets too.. any ideas why that happens?

  • Strykeblade7

    Same happen to me like “spleetwarts” above me. Every time I turn off my phone and back on again I lose my previous settings. Did I over look something or is this an ongoing problem???? I do love this upgrade and at first for the whole day I was in bliss until this happened, please restore my faith here!

  • luvlost

    fuck of i lost my cell for this ……………………………D

  • Michelle Levy

    Yes! This worked beautifully. Thank you so much.

  • hiro

    How to active live service i`m not in america so cant call support service Please guide me

    • alexander

      Easy just call microsoft support in Germany. Tell them you have just bought the phone and need activation number. The will make one and tell you over the phone I also had them send it per email.

      Remember to say you have a htc hd7

  • Bo

    Hey i just flashed my hd2 to wp7 everything went fine but now my internet wont work can you explain how to fix this please

  • VLOpez

    I installed wp7 into my HD2 but I don’t get the settings tab at the home screen.

  • Vlopez

    I installed wp7 to my hd2 but I dont get the settings button at the home screen.

  • Me

    how do i get it to teh MAGLDR menu?

  • Junel

    i instaled rom wm7 as sad above,but when phone reboot again the BOOT menu appears,i tried t restart it but again Boot menu appears,what should i choose there ,
    again usb flasher or what?
    please help i cannot switch on my mobile

  • Joessdam

    GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT, just the camera flash is not working, and the buttons is not mapped correctly to their functions 

  • Cdslant

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .RSPLRSPL.cpp (1198)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .RSPLBootLoader.cpp (176)

    What should i do since i got this message

  • Oscar

    I installed and on reboot it goes to a DFT splash screen and just sits ther. It did once boot to WinPh7 and I was connecting to my wireless network when it rebooted back to the DFT splash screen. Now stuck there.
    Can anyone help?

    • Oscar

      Well its booting now and tweaking the APN settings got my mobile internet working. But I can’t take pictures or store any data as it says there is no room. Also can’t sync with WMDC or ActiveSync. Device is not recognised. Device Manager shows no driver is installed and can’t get one. I would like to roll back but beecause WMDC wont connect, I can’t update the ROM. Is there another way? Help….

    • I had this problem on my second install, I solved it by reinstalling HSPL4 and MAGLDR.

  • Guest

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .RSPLRSPL.cpp (1198)

  • Guest

    oh, it’s ok now ;D i just need to plug the USB cable in AFTER launching DWI.exe, when it’s waiting for it ;D not like this:
    Select USB Flasher mode.Connect your phone to the PC via USB.Launch DWI.exe from the files extracted in step 1.

  • Udit13

    i dont have a pc i have a macbook…can i update htc hd2 using mac…

  • Udit13

    i dont have a pc i have a macbook…can i update htc hd2 using mac…

  • Marianchez

    the link to WM7 is forbidden 

  • Xauthority20044

    hello, ive already installed  android on hd 2 by magldr, can i still install wp7?

  • Brad

    Link to WM7 no longer works! Megaupload has been seized by the FBI!

  • Jeff007

    Is there a new link to the Windows 7 ROM now Megaupload has been wiped of the face of the planet by the fascists?

    • Arpan

      try on pirate bay,
      Many thank to the team, amazing work!!!!

      • Found it on the XDA developers site, and I agree absolutely amazing work.

  • Rohit

    From where can i get this DWI.exe file 🙁 :/ i am not able to find it

  • Øystein Venås Årsnes

    Has the unofficial WP7 been purged from everywhere or just within the US? Just wondering because I’m a Norwegian citizen originally, and wondered if it’s still available out there?

  • dougelec

    We followed the procedure but only get the white HTC boot up screen. I’d really appreciate any advice on how we can return the phone to a working version of Windows. Many thanks.

    • Just flash a stock 6.5 ROM from the HTC website. 6.5 Market Place is being discontinued you know? What ROM did you flash? It sounds like you’ve done something wrong because I’ve done a few of these and they’ve all worked fine, in fact I’m using one now because I genuinely love it.

      I would say give it another go:
      1. Task29

      2. Install Magldr

      3. When boot to magldr menu, go to:

      * 10. Services, 4. UseLast24NAND

      * 10. Services, 5. ClearSD MDR

      * go to 5. USB Flasher and run DWI.exe to flash ROM

      • dougelec

        Thanks for your help, Jeff.

        We installed the MAGLDR as yesterday but the phone now switches on immediately to the white HTC screen and a long press of the power button doesn’t bring up the boot menu.

        Can you tell me what is Task29 and DWI.exe is,please.

        Your help is greatly appreciated.


        • Did you install HSPL 2.08? You need to install 2.08 for this to work, when you install HSPL there is a dropdown menu and you need to select the correct version. Check which version you installed (make sure it installed properly) by turning the phone off and holding the ‘volume down’ key when you restart until you reach a tri-colour screen.

          It should say:
          SPL-2.08.HSPL on the second line down with some other stuff, if it doesn’t you need to reinstall it and then reinstall MAGLDR.

          Task 29 formats your phone memory (=binfs). It prevents weird error appearance when you flash new ROMS. But you’re not getting as far as flashing the new ROM so I’d not worry about that at the moment.

          DWI.exe is the file that you execute when you flash your new ROM.

  • Showkat

    I cant download WinMo 7 Rom. The link given above leads to some Anti-piracy warning page 🙁
    Please help me with a new link to download winmo 7 Rom..

  • Showkat

    @facebook-532709722:disqus: How can I format and reinstall WP7 on Internal Memory i.e. to fresh install as default OS? Plz help me.

    • Hey, if you follow the instructions on this blog it’ll install as your default OS (the ONLY OS actually) on your internal memory.

  • Henja

    I am trying to install windows 7 on my HTC HD2. The installation of MAGLDR worked fine, now the installation stops point 4. The program tells me there are some errors and I have to take my battery out to restart the phone. Then it starts with windows 7 but says that there is a problem with my SD card. I am using a SanDisk 2gb micro SD. Can anyone help me?

    • Yes, I know what’s wrong. Before you do step 3: Select USB Flasher mode, boot into MAGLDR and go to 10: Services then select 4: UseLast24NAND.
      Then Step 3, it should work fine now.

      • I have the same problem but when i want to boot from MAGLDR it says booting whp 12345 GO GO !! I dont have the menu from where i can choose 4: Uselast24Nand … Please help me

  • joe

    Threr is a US FBI Message when I click on the w7 rom link?

  • Dimitrios G. Panagiotidis

    I know this is practically more than two years later but I recently “stumbled” across an HTC HD2 (what a great phone, btw) and wanted to put WinPhone7 on it. It is a T-Mobile branded device with the latest official ROM and the recommended by you radio. I have also installed HSPL v.2.08 and MAGLDR 1.3 with no problem, everything went fine, per your instructions in other articles. However, the link for the WP7 rom is broken and I am stuck at a point where I boot my phone into MAGLDR menu but nothing after that. I wish I could at least be able to boot into the original Windows Mobile 6.5 but that was wiped out after installing MAGLDR. So what can I do now? Can you help? I’d like to try WP7 but if I can’t find it I’ll settle for 6.5. Finally, what is the highest version the HTC HD2 will run without problems? 7 or 7.5 or even 7.8? Can you please help? Thank you!