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How To – Create, View & Publish Your Own Guides & Tutorials [Android]

In an attempt to hone your technical skills to perfection or in quest of finding appropriate solutions to your daily problems over the internet, you must have come across numerous ‘how to’ guides and tutorials. What if you could step into the shoes of the experts who write these articles and get a chance to share your own guides/tutorials with the world? Well, if you’ve got the knowledge and confidence to become one of these ‘gurus’ and more importantly, if you own an Android device, How To provides you with a unique platform through which you can create your own step-by-step guides and publish them on How To while also learning form the experiences of others.

How To lets anyone and everyone step into the learning arena and allows them to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. Using the app is extremely simple and requires just a How To account to get started. You can also setup a new user account from within the app. With this app, users can search for guides, tutorials or whatever helping material they’re looking for by applying various filters such as Title, User and Content. You can View Categories to browse through all guides listed under a particular topic, like/dislike a guide and add guides to your favorites list.


Creating your own How To Guide:

Creating a How To guide is as simple as one, two, three. All you need is to tap Create a Guide button and follow on-screen instructions. First things first, you need to select an appropriate title and category for your guide/tutorial. Tap on Add New Step to add content (text and images). Add as many steps as required to complete the guide and support each step with relevant images (if required). Unwanted steps can be easily removed by tapping the Remove Step button. Tap on the navigation buttons to scroll through various pages of your guide. Selected images from the gallery are uploaded on How To server from where they can be inserted into any required step.

Once you’ve finalized all the underlying steps in your guide, tab the Publish Guide button and wait for the content to upload. Congrats! Your own personal little How To guide is now available to worldwide users. Self-created guides can be viewed under My Guides button on home screen.

The concept of How To has the true potential of becoming a pioneer in its own respect and can encourage young talent to earn fame by portraying their skills and knowledge via this platform. So, the next time you want to let people know ‘how to become an overnight millionaire’ or want to share a how-to guide of a new Sushi recipe, remember to do it with How To! Start spreading your knowledge and expertise with the world by grabbing this extremely handy app from the Android Market absolutely free of cost.

Download How To for Android

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