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Install 7 Awesome Notion Ink Adam Apps & Keyboard on Viewsonic G Tablet

Notion Ink Adam bas become a darling of Android tablet lovers ever since its release, primarily because of the stunningly designed apps that come bundled with it to best utilize its impressive Tegra 2 based hardware internals. If you are a Viewsonic G Tablet owner and feel jealous because your tablet is missing the looks these apps offer, fret no more as you can now install many of these apps on your G Tablet!

It all started when our friend gojimi at XDA-Developers successfully ported the Notion Ink Adam Launcher to the Viewsonic G Tablet and shared it with us. Did he stop there? No, and why would he when there are so many more goodies Adam has to offer? The fruits of his recent labor are several of the core apps from Adam with killer looks, ready to be installed on the G Tablet.

Following is the list of all these ported apps as well as the keyboard, along with their screenshots.


GTab Adam MailGTab Adam Mail 2


GTab Adam Browser


GTab Adam Calendar

GTab Adam Calendar 2


GTab Adam Quickoffice

GTab Adam Quickoffice 2


GTab Adam Sniffer

GTab Adam Sniffer 2


GTab Adam Calculator


GTab Adam Canvas


GTab Adam Keyboard

For your convenience, we have bundled them all together in one downloadable zip file that you can grab for your tablet from the end of the post. To install any of these apps except for Mail:

  1. Download the bundled apps from the link given below, extract the contents of the zip file on your computer and copy the APK files for the apps that you want to install, to your tablet’s storage card.
  2. Install a file manager app of your choice such as Astro File Manager or Linda File Manager from the Android Market and launch it on your G Tablet.
  3. Browse to the location on your storage card where you copied the APK files in step 1 and tap on the APK that you want to install, following any on-screen instructions that you get after that.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all the apps that you want to install.

To install the Mail app which is in zip format rather than APK, you must flash it to your device from recovery just the way you would flash a ROM.

There is no stopping at this for gojimi, as he has mentioned in the XDA-Developers forum thread that he intends on porting more apps from Adam to G Tablet as well. You can visit the thread to check updates on the work in progress, or to get assistance with any issues that you might experience with these apps.

Download Notion Ink Adam Apps for Viewsonic G Tablet

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