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Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC Desire

Android 2.3 Custom ROMs for most Android devices are already surfacing on several forums and if you don’t want to wait for the official upgrade, the following method will allow you to install a custom Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM on your HTC Desire.

Back up your phone before proceeding further, as the following steps will wipe your device. Read our guide on how to back up your Android phone.

The first step will be to root your device if it isn’t already rooted. Follow the guide on how to root your HTC Desire.

Once you have the phone rooted, download the GingerNinja v0.11 ROM (no longer available) to your computer. Do NOT extract the zip file.

Update: The official Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is now available for the HTC Desire, and we have it covered for you. You should no longer need this ROM. Just head over to our guide for the download link and the installation instructions.

Connect the phone to the computer, mount the SD card and copy the downloaded ROM to the root of the SD card. Make sure not to copy it to any sub-folder of the card. Once it has been copied, unplug the phone from the computer.

Switch the phone off and turn it back on by pressing and holding both the Power Button and the Volume Down button until you see a white bootloader screen. Use the volume buttons of your phone to scroll to ‘Fastboot’ and then select ‘Recovery’ from the next menu. Your phone will now boot into Recovery mode.

Scroll to ‘Wipe Data’ and select ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ followed by ‘Wipe dalvik cache’, to wipe all existing data and settings from your phone.

To install the new ROM, scroll to ‘Apply .zip from SD card’ and select the .zip file that you copied to the root of the phone earlier. Wait for the phone to finish flashing the ROM. After the process is finished, reboot the phone and it will boot automatically into the new ROM. Congratulations! You have just installed Android 2.3 Gingerbread on your HTC Desire HD.

This method will work for flashing any ROM to any Android device, as long as the device supports the ROM that you have chosen to flash to it. We used the ROM mentioned above with an HTC Desire.

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