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Install Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music Player On Any Android Device

Following the hype since Google’s introductory event held a couple of week’s ago, Honeycomb and its Android-Honeycomb-MUSICfeatures have been the talk of the geek town lately. Google proudly showcased them one by one and was graced with much applause. One of these showcased features that was direly needed was the revamped Music Player to bring a much needed visual improvement on Android’s default music player.

The new player offers you much more in terms of dynamic colors on album art, song searches and the newly popular Google Music Sync over the air. If you’re up for installing, running and testing it, go ahead and read on.

This Honeycomb music player can be installed on any Android device without any issue and has been tested to work by several users across a range of devices successfully. Let’s take a closer look at the features offered by this updated music player app.


  • The Media Library looks much like the Media Gallery on the Froyo and is made up neatly scrollable thumbnails, displaying the album art for all your music.


  • snap20110214_204314Once installed, two icons are found in your App drawer. One is Music and the other one is JumperTest. JumpterTest ,as it is obvious from the name, is still a procedure under testing and is going to bring you Google’s hyped Music Sync across your devices i.e. you will be able to stream music from your desktop and from the cloud, down to your device. The application offers your three tabs, Start Peer, Stop Peer & Import Local Media. The application apparently also allows you to cache streamed music on the device for later listening. Once you Start Peer, you’d be able to have straight up options for Music Syncing in Music Settings in the Music Player.
  • There’s a search button you can use on any song, long tap and hold on any song in the library and it pops up with multiple search options, a neat option is to search for the song directly on youtube and watch its video , alternatively a browser based search can instantly land you on the lyrics.
  • The background of the Music Player adopts to the main color theme of the album art of the song that is being played, this adds a more dynamic liquid feel to the whole look of the player giving a unique background for every song, a much needed change from the default black.


While these are the most notable features, there’s a lot of subtle changes one gets to see during the use of the player itself. It should, however be noted that the port is not entirely stable on some phones, again an inherited issue with cross-platform ports. On lower end devices like the Milestone, the audio has noticeable jerks during playback if any other heavy application such as Dolphin Browser is opened. However, this is ignorable for those who are keen on the eye candy.

Now that you have had a feature tour, lets get down to to installation.



  1. Download the APK and transfer it to your SD card.
  2. Use your favorite APK installer to install the application.
  3. No third step – this one’s just this simple.

[via XDA-Developers]


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