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Install Custom ClockworkMod Recovery On Google Nexus S

NexusS_cwmDo you frequently use ClockworkMod recovery to flash custom ROMs, hacks and mods to your Android device? If you do, you must be familiar with the annoyance of scrolling through endless ‘No’ options to find the ‘Yes’ option and select it to confirm every operation you perform there. If you are getting sick and tired of it and would rather have simply two options, one saying ‘Yes’ and the other saying ‘No’, you’re at the right place. This is a fairly simple and much needed MOD to the famous ClockworkMod Recovery for the Google Nexus S that takes away all the extra ‘No’ options from it. Read on for more details and download link.

This custom CWM recovery is based on the ClockworkMod and modded by XDA-Developers forum member, j_r0dd. This is how the CWM recovery would look like once it’s setup on the Nexus S (picture, courtesy of j_r0dd) :


As you can see, all the extra ‘No’s are gone. The default option is still a ‘No’ to minimize the chance of accidental confirmation.

Now that we are done with the details, let’s move on getting it up and running on your Nexus S. The installation is actually very simple; just follow this step-by-step guide.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin, copy the custom CWM file to the root of your phones SD card.
  2. Now run Terminal Emulator on you phone and type in the following commands. Hit enter after every command:
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/3014cw.img
    reboot recovery
  3. You may now exit Terminal Emulator. Custom ClockworkMod recovery with one ‘No’ option is now installed.

The last command from the ones given above reboots your phone into recovery again and this time, you will see none of the annoying extra ‘No’ options. Everything else should still work as expected, and you should still be able to flash ROMs, mods and hacks, and perform all other recovery operations provided by ClockworkMod. Enjoy your clutter free CWM, and let us know how it faired for you. For updates and queries, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers

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