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Watch Location Restricted YouTube Videos In Chrome With ProxyTube

We often find interesting YouTube video links when browsing across the internet, e.g. search engines and social networking websites. Unfortunately, some of these links are restricted for certain locations due to copyright infringement issues. For example, some videos might not be available outside USA, whereas other videos might only be viewable within Europe. This restriction is a common annoyance that many YouTube visitors often face. ProxyTube is a Chrome extension that enables watching those YouTube videos which may be restricted in your area. This allows circumventing the location based restriction that YouTube applies for certain videos.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. - Google Chrome

After installing this extension, all location restricted videos will automatically load when you visit them. If you would like to find out ways to bypass video streaming restriction From MegaVideo, MegaUpload, and Veoh, check out our article here.

YouTube - The Lincoln Lawyer Movie Official Trailer 2011 HD - Google Chrome

It will be interesting to see if a developer creates a single Chrome extension that enables bypassing restrictions from YouTube, Veoh, MegaVideo, MegaUpload, etc.

ProxyTube Extension for Chrome

Update: This extension is no longer available. We would suggest checking our guide on VPN services to anonymize your IP address.


  1. Haven’t tried this method of yours but I’ve recently come to know of a better and easier way in the form of Youtube Mirror which allows you to literally watch any restriced youtube videos available on the planet anywhere you are! Have it a go and i’m perfectly sure you’ll love it just like I did.


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