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Q-Dir Displays Four Windows Explorer Panes, Comes With Tabs Support

Q-Dir is a quad-pane file explorer which is capable of displaying four simultaneous Windows Explorer panes. Some of its main features include support for favorites, file/color filtering, the option to export XLS/CSV/TXT/HTML files from the pane, screen magnification, quick preview and the option to open tabs within the quad pane. An overview of four different panes can be quite useful for viewing convenience of related content. It also has an Up button that is not present in the default Windows 7 explorer panes. (You can add the ‘Up One Level’ button to Windows Explorer in Windows 7 by following the guide here)


Simply launch Q-Dir and start the program to open a four view pane window. You can save favorites to acquire immediate access to most often used folders (from the Favorites menu). It supports Drag & Drop, contains ZIP, FTP, cabinet, network, system folders, shortcuts, etc and provides default explorer viewing options (e.g. large icons, tiles, list, detail, thumbnail). It also has an integrated pop-up menu for Desktop and My Computer components, a screen magnifier and much more.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Download Q-Dir

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