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Change Applications Icons In Windows 7 Taskbar (Superbar)

W7 Superbar Icon Changer is a portable tool that can change the icon of the applications added to the Windows 7 Superbar (Taskbar). For instance, if you don’t like the default Internet Explorer or Firefox icon because it doesn’t match the theme, then you can change this icon on your Superbar.

Simply launch W7 Superbar Icon Changer and choose an application to change the icon of.

After that, select a .ico file (you can get it from your system directories or download icon sets) and click Change.

This will change the Superbar icon. Please note that once the icons are changed, you may only revert the changes by selecting the original icon file from your system. Make sure that you know the path of the this file for the application that the icon is being changed for, so that you may be able to revert back to original icon (if desired).

Download Win7 Superbar Icon Changer

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