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Install Official Android 2.2 Froyo Update On HTC Wildfire

A new official Android 2.2 FroYo update for the HTC Wildfire has just been spotted in the wild, and we are more than happy to share it with you. A zip version that doesn’t disable root has also been extracted for those of you who didn’t update for the fear of losing root. In case you are still running Android 2.1 Éclair on your Wildfire, read on after the break to find out how you can update it to FroYo with this update.

Official RUU Build:

This Android update is the official build released by HTC recently and spotted by XDA-Developers forum member Football. Like any other official HTC builds, it contains HTC Sense, Google apps, HTC’s own apps and that’s about it. If you flash it to your phone, you WILL LOSE root access, so flash this one only if your phone is not rooted, and you don’t care to root it in the near future either. If you can’t afford to lose root access, we still have you covered – just skip to the ‘Flashable Zip Build’ section.

To flash the official RUU build, simply download ‘Official Android 2.2 FroYo RUU’ from the link given below, connect your phone to your computer via USB, run the downloaded RUU installer and just follow the on-screen instructions. Once the process finishes and your device reboots, you will have it installed.

In case of any issues, head over to the XDA-Developers forum thread for the official RUU build.

Note: For users of Windows 7 64 bit, the RUU might give issues. You can find a solution here. This method is for HTC Hero but has been tested to work equally well on Wildfire.

Flashable Zip Build:

After a lot of user concern on losing root access when flashing the official ROM using RUU, another XDA-Developers forum member danne_jo extracted a flashable zip from the official release, tinkered with it a bit and made it available for those who don’t want to lose root access. He describes this build as follows:

No Bootsound
Apps2SD enabled
Unlocked service.jar
Unlocked languages
Unlocked Rosie.apk
Changes etc/hosts to block ads, updated 4/12
Changed wallpaper

To install this version to your rooted phone:

  1. Download ‘Android 2.2 FroYo Flashable Zip’ from the link given below, and copy it to the root of your SD card.
  2. Power your phone off and reboot it into recovery.
  3. Perform a nandroid backup.
  4. Choose to install zip from SD card, select the file you copied to the SD card in step 1, confirm any prompts and wait patiently while the ROM is flashed to your phone.
  5. Once the flashing process is complete, reboot your phone from recovery and you’re done.
  6. Optional: This version does not include the radio update. In case you want it, download it from the link given below and flash it to your phone from recovery the way you flashed the ROM. We have also provided links for two old radios in case you want to revert back.

If you face any trouble, want to report bugs or request features, head over to the XDA-Developers forum thread for the Flashable Zip build.

Download Official Android 2.2 FroYo RUU

Download Android 2.2 FroYo Flashable Zip (for rooted devices)

Download Radio (Latest)

Download Radio (Old)

Download Radio (Old)


  1. Hi, I’m here from Sweden and I would like to ask you something, I will enter and download the software on the phone or should I be on to the computer and transfer the software on my cell phone _ / HTC whildfire

  2. I can post the download link Android 2.2.1 froyo because the file does not exist any more … thanks

  3. Hello, I live here in Portugal, I wonder if the version released for Europe contains a version in Portuguese ,thanks.

  4. hi, I’ve HTC wildfire with android 2.2 installed. but nowadays mobile is
    getting slow and i cant run it smoothly. So i want to reinstall android
    2.1 in my phone… how to do it …help me

  5. since Froyo lets you install apps on the sd card, if I install the RUU, will my sd card need to be formatted to be used with Froyo? or can I start installing apps on the sd card as soon as I upgrade my wildfire to Froyo?

  6. please help me!!!
    tell me if this rom contains arabic language or not
    i want to install this room but if there is no arabic i cant back to the old system

  7. thats nice to upgrade wildfire to android 2.2
    but i want to know that if this room enclude arabic language or not?
    please tell me

  8. When i connect the phone and run the application. After verifying information on your Android Phone i receive an error that the USB is not connected…please advice

    also tell me what option should i choose when i connect my phone to PC., as in USB charging / Mass Storage, etc.,

  9. Hey, it’s 23:55. 04/10/11… and i’ve just updated my HTC Wildfire for fun…

    The tutorial above leads me…the only different thing was i installed 0001_WildPuzzleROM_v0.2.zip instead…

    And it works perfectly fine… 😀 it’s not fake at all…

    Thank you very much you guys..


  10. my baseband version is Radio ……..how can i upgrade my phone……from 2.1 to 2.2….

  11. it’s a fake i just tried to upgrade my htc wildfire from 2.1 to 2.2 by downloading RUU and then after some time error comes customer id errror [113] …. it’s totally fake ……..and if it’s not a fake then pls help me quickly by sending mail on jnlmonpara3@gmail.com

  12. just got my wildfire a couple days ago and i tried to update it to 2.2 but it says the phone is already up to date. i have firmware version 2.1-update 1, build number 1.07.557.4, and software number 1.07.557.4. is this really the update?

  13. Hi everybody,

    I upgraded my 2.1 wildfire to 2.2 through OTA successfully, but lost the root access, now is there any way to bring back it to 2.1 so that i can root it again.

    I went to HTC Customer Care, but the guys there say that they are also not able to downgrade it 2.1.

    I am stuck there, and not able to install custom roms….

  14. I just upgraded Froyo 2.2 to my wildfire phone but get “The application HTC sense (process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly” error message after installed.. 🙁
    Please help me..Thanks..

  15. My phone does mpt boot up aftet flashing with the above ROM. I just restored my back. Will try again when theres a more stqble version available.

    • Glad you took a backup…they rock! They have saved my devices (and arse) dozens of times. Though I can’t figure why it didn’t work for you. It is based on the official, VERY stable update and has worked fine for most who have tried it out.

  16. Hi , It’s WONDERMENT , It’s Work , Thanks A lot Man , WoW When I Update to Froyo (Root) , I enjoyed seeing it worked . thanks thanks thanks (*****)

  17. Hi, i upgraded Froyo 2.2 to my wildfire phone. i can access internet webpage a moment and then it out to home of my phone or automatically close my webpage. Can i solve it by myself or should bring it to HTC center in my location??

    • That’s weird…no one else has reported this issue and we haven’t experienced it ourselves either. Try asking at XDA-Developers forums, perhaps the developers there can help?

  18. Hi, been trying to update my HTC Wildfire. My location is NZ and my HTC Wildfire is an imported one from one of the mobile stores here and not from any mobile provider. Just like to know if anybody knows any official RUU (not rooted) existing in the wild?
    Guess, THIS WILL BE THE LAST HTC I WILL BUY! The wait for updates on this unit really sucks and HTC sUck!
    Just to let everybody know, if you are planning to buy any phone don’t buy any HTC!

  19. hi, i am facing problems. my wildfire is just out of the box and its not rooted and when i go to install the 2.2 fw ; after showing ‘sending’ in the rectangle box, it exits–saying error 131,customer id error and asks for correct rom for my wildfire.

    • official update to android 2.2 is available , it will not be a good idea to screw your phone’s warranty by rooting. mine is updated and works better (at least till now ! ) 😉 😛

  20. Hi guys ,

    I am unable to update my rooted HTC wildfire with FOTA/official update

    error as follows :
    getprop(“ro.cid”)=”99999999″ || getprop(“ro.cid”)=”HTC_038″ E:ERROR in

    /sdcard/download/OTA_Buzz_Froyo_hTC_Asia_India_2.25.720.1-1.25.720.1_reslease_161546bwou4mclajggz2mu-1.zip (Status 7)

    Please help me to fix this.

    Thank you,

  21. I have a vodafone rooted (unrevoked3) 2.1 Wildfire.
    When I try to update over the air (europe) after restart I get a yellow exclamation mark.

    I am altogether new at this. For example I don’t even know what to do with the ZIP file you have provided. Can you please explain how I get the file onto my phone?

    Do I have to somehow put the file on the flash card on the phone? if so how do i get teh phone to talk to the computer. Where do i get teh drivers from? Once that is done do i just copy the zip on to the phone?

    Then what? what do i do to install it?

    Please help.

    I am regretting ever having rooted my phone. Else this 2.2 froyo update would have been simple and painless….

  22. “Download Android 2.2 FroYo Flashable Zip (for rooted devices)” is not based on official relase… just an old wildpuzzle with many issue :@

    • It is indeed based on the official FroYo release, with some changes that I have listed in the article. While it might have a few issues being a custom build, it is by no means old.

  23. True, I live in Germany and I got the update today in the morning. It fails to install it because ‘the signature cannot be verified’ (I assume because the phone has been rooted before) but the update seems REAL.

  24. i emailed htc on the 10th dec to ask if there will be android 2.2 for wildfire.
    htc replied there are no plans to release android 2.2 for wildfire.
    therefore tthis above rom is FAKE

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