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ISO500 for 500px Brings Great Works Of Photography To Your iPhone

If you are a photography enthusiast who loves to look at rare scenes captured from the four corners of the world, then you should try ISO500 for 500px for iOS. An app that lets you view countless photos uploaded by professional and novice photographers from all over the globe. ISO500 for 500px is a third-party client of the popular image hosting website 500px.com, which allows you to view photographs under various categories through a unique turn-wheel feature that is reminiscent of the dials found on old cameras. To find out more about this app, keep reading after the break.

500pix editor choice full view

A collection of Editor’s Choice photographs greets you when you launch ISO500 for 500px. There are photographs of superb quality from various genres in this collection. You can view any photograph in fullscreen by tapping them, and find out about the photographer of a particular snapshot by tapping More button at the bottom-right. ISO500 for 500px has an interesting turn-wheel at the bottom. Turn this wheel to switch between Fresh and Upcoming photographs or Your Favorite(s).

friends listphotographers prtofile

Vote for a photograph that has touched your heart or share it with your pals on Facebook or Twitter. You can add a photographer to your friends list if his work has particularly impressed you. The entire work of this photographer would then be available in Your Photos along with any updates. Turning the wheel to Friends List displays all the photographers in 500px.com whose work you are following.

If you have lots of time to kill and you have a knack for photography, you’ll find this app to be a treat. The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

Download ISO500 for 500px

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