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Join Chat Communities, Text Your Friends & Groups With Text+ For WP7

TextPlus is one of the most popular messengers for smartphones, with iOS and Android versions of the app around for quite a while. It seems that after those two platforms have been covered by most developers, they invariably turn to Windows Phone 7, and that has been the case with TextPlus. The famous messaging app just became available for Mango users, and it brings all the features to the Metro platform which have made it a hit on other platforms. If you download this free app, you can send free SMS to friends (US & Canada only), join communities of like-minded people and chat with them, and there are a few bonus features as well, like the push-to-talk options and the ability to add multiple contacts to a single conversation.

TextPlus WP7 Home TextPlus WP7 Community

If you don’t already have a Text+ account, you can sign up for a new one on the welcome page of the app. Doing so requires the input of your email ID, name and the creation of a new app-specific username and password. After all this has been done, you can begin adding your contacts to the app’s People list. The app integrates with the stock People hub, and the contacts over there can be easily imported to the messenger’s friends list. On the homepage of Text+ you will get two main options; people and communities. The People area lists all your personal contacts, and to strike up a conversation with any of them just tap their profile picture. More of your friends, or even groups, can be added to a conversation once it has been started.

TextPlus WP7 Conversations TextPlus WP7 Chat

The communities in TextPlus are public groups pertaining to just about any topic. If you don’t find a group you are looking for, it is possible to create a new one and then invite people to join this chat room. In any of the conversations, be they individual, group or community chats, it is possible to attach any image with the messages you send, and to do so the button available is pretty similar to the one found in the stock Messaging app. Text+ also has a Walkie Talkie mode, which allows users to send voice messages integrated within the chat. The app’s push notifications are pretty well-implemented and take you straight to the relevant conversation as soon as you tap them (unlike the Facebook app for WP7).

TextPlus really is a complete and comprehensive messenger or Mango phones, and for many users it holds the potential of replacing the Messaging hub completely, owing to the fact that it is cross-platform. The app is free and you can grab it at the web Marketplace link below.

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