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Launch iOS Camera App With An Activator Gesture Using CamFast [Cydia]

iOS users are pretty obsessed with launching their iPhone’s camera quickly, and that is why iOS 5 included a shortcut for launching the camera app straight from the lockscreen. This search for camera shortcuts is pretty understandable, owing to the fact that the cameras incorporated with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are pretty good and extensively used. No one likes fumbling through their iPhone trying to find the camera app icon while their target moves out of the camera range. That is why one Cydia developer has gone a step further than adding a mere shortcut for camera, and now it is possible to launch the camera in your iDevice using any gesture of your choice, thanks to the newly released tweak named CamFast.

CamFast Activator CamFast Cydia

CamFast is a tweak which works via Activator, and you have to choose one of the available Activator gestures to make it work. As the tweak is all about letting you launch the camera app without any undue delay, it is better to choose a gesture under the Anywhere tab of the Activator menu. Once you have done that, respring the device and try performing the gesture. The camera app will be launched, even if you are in lockscreen mode.

CamFast is a free tweak that brings a really useful functionality to iPhone and iPad users who like to snap photos on impulse. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and after its installation, you won’t see any new Springboard icons or menu in the stock Settings app, just a new CamFast option is added in the Activator list.

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