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Meernotes For iPhone: Create Notes With Retro Looks & Sync To Dropbox

iOS has a lot of note-taking apps, and even the stock Notes app is quite decent, but there some apps which show how things can be done a little differently in a field which is pretty congested. Meernotes is one such app, and its retro looks and the way of creating notes, which look like real books, have made it a favorite among iPhone users. Not only that, the app goes beyond mere looks, and comes with some really good features, like Dropbox sync and a few pretty cool themes which can be applied to your Meernotes books.

Meernotes iPhone Meernotes Book List

The app starts off with a rather lengthy written tutorial, but it is essential, as Meernotes has a lot of features, and it might take some time to learn about them all on your own. When you are done reading the tutorial, you have two options. You can edit the notebook in which the tutorial is shown, or add a new one by swiping upwards and tapping the get a new notebook button.

Meernotes Templates Meernotes Notes

There are 4 templates available for books, which basically provide background themes for your notes. In addition to the texture, you also have to choose the writing style of your book, and the provided options are Handwritten, Type-Set and Type & Worn. Once you have done all that, you can begin adding pages to your notebook. The keyboard in Meernotes has a special hide button added at the top of it, so you can instantaneously preview your complete note. You can add a title or date to the page by tapping the top bar.

Meernotes Colored Tabs Meernotes Settings

A useful concept Meernotes brings to the mix is the addition of tabs to notebooks. A tab is used anywhere in a notebook to differentiate between chapters, and you can apply any of the 6 provided themes to a tab. These themes will appear separately from the overall theme of the page. Meernotes comes with some pretty slick sharing options, which ensure that your work does not stay stagnant within your iPhone or iPod touch. In addition to the option of sending your notes to anyone via email, Meernotes also allows automatic syncing with Dropbox. For that, you will have to go to the Settings menu, and link your Dropbox account with the app.

If you write often, and are bored with monotonous looks offered by every note-taking app out there, Meernotes is just what you need. The app costs $2.99, but for a very limited time you can get it for free, so hurry up and grab Meernotes from the App Store link provided below.

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