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meshtiles: Interest-Aware Photo Styling & Sharing App For Android & iPhone

There’s no shortage of entertainment-filled apps across various mobile platforms, and it also comes as no surprise that most of these apps are based on the concept of photo-capturing, decorating and sharing. Even before the photo-editing and sharing sensation Instagram hit the Google Play Store, Android users had plenty of quality alternative options to pick from, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. A new app, called meshtiles, has just stepped into the foray to provide Android and iOS users with an Instagram-like photo styling and sharing experience, but with a nice little twist of its own. Fusing the concept of content-aware photo exploration and photo sharing, meshtiles provides you with an unending stream of photos fetched according to your areas of interest. The app also keeps a detailed log of all the photos that you’ve shared on the network, and presents you with a visually appealing timeline of your activities. As a reward for the extent of your activities on the network, the app also awards you with specific titles and points that keep accumulating with time.

meshtiles-Android-Apps-Splash meshtiles-Android-Apps-Login

The core feature behind the entire concept of meshtiles remains all the various keyword-based #hashtags that you can use to let the app learn of your personal tastes and preferences, based on which you’re presented with only the most appropriate content on your home screen. Whether you wish to explore the trending photos, search for photos across the network, or view all the content on the map, you have to utilize these tags accordingly.

meshtiles-Android-Apps-Tag-Search meshtiles-Android-Apps-Favorite-Tags meshtiles-Android-Apps-Networks

Apart from that, meshtiles also borrows all the basic elements of a typical social photo sharing service, so that you may view, comment on and like all the amazing photos shared by other app users from all across the globe. In addition, you can start following a particular user, or be followed yourself. However, before all that, you are prompted to log in to the app using a valid meshtiles account. From the app’s signup screen, you can grab a fresh account for yourself using your Facebook or Twitter login credentials.

Past that, the app prompts you to provide it with your personal likings, choices and interests. This can be done by picking as many as five different commonly used tags. You can add a custom tag, or pick from the extensive list of tags offered by meshtiles. Next, the app requests you to authorize it to access all the various social media sharing accounts on which you wish to share your favorite photos. Once the app has analyzed your interests and preferences, it welcomes you through its heavily-stacked main interface that lists all the popular photos on the network.

meshtiles-Android-Apps-Home meshtiles-Android-Apps-Photo

Using various tabs at the top of this screen, you can change the app’s default mode to display all the photos. In this regard, you have the choice of switching to grid, list or map view. Whilst in any aforementioned photo viewing mode, you can filter the app’s content to view only the popular photos, photos based on your preferred tags, or manually search for photos by other tags. Tapping a photo reveals it on its tile along with all the comments, likes and other sharing stats.

meshtiles-Android-Apps-User meshtiles-Android-Apps-Trending

Tapping the trend # tab on the app’s main interface lists all the trending keywords/tags along with relevant photos. This list can be filtered to display only the Hot running photos on the network, or those from the past week.

To share images yourself, tap the Shot tab on the app’s main interface. Doing so lets you snap a photo, or import one from your device’s gallery. Just import the required image, crop it, apply a filter to it, assign the relevant tag(s), compose your short note, pick a pictorial of choice, opt whether to tag your location along with the image, select the preferred social sharing service (or individual friends), and share the tile with the world. The timeline tab, as its name suggests, displays a detailed timeline of all your activities on meshtiles.

meshtiles-Android-Apps-Filters meshtiles-Android-Apps-Share

The last tab on the app’s interface is from where you can track your meshtiles profile in detail, complete with all the points that you’ve earned so far, comments that your posts have received, tags that you’ve added to the favorites list, and a statistical summary of all the days of the week on which you’ve been the most active on the network. From the same screen, you are presented with the option to explore your own shared images in list, grid or map view.

meshtiles-Android-Apps-Map meshtiles-Android-Apps-Profile

meshtiles is available for free in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Download meshtiles for Android (No longer available on Google Play Store, though you may still find an APK online.)

Download meshtiles for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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