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Notification Bubbles – Floating Notifications On Android Homescreen

Tired of dragging down the status bar for every little notification? Wish you could have them all floating around in plane sight? Notification Bubbles is a free, interactive live wallpaper for Android that displays Facebook, Twitter and SMS notifications on your homescree within floating bubbles. Read on for more information, our brief review and the download link.


Cosmetic live wallpapers for Android are a dime a dozen. In fact most live wallpapers out there serve a mere cosmetic purpose, and don’t offer any functionality that could be useful. Unlike those, Notification Bubbles does more than just decorate your homescreen with fancy animations. In fact, it is more of a utility than a decoration. Each notification bubble works exactly like a status bar notification. Pop it, and it takes you to the appropriate screen within the corresponding application.

As you can see from the screenshots above, Notification Bubbles comes with a few handy customization options. You can choose to get a notification each time you get a call or text, select a wallpaper image customize bubble colors, enable or disable the popping up sound when you pop the bubble, and log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get bubbles containing notifications of these social networks.

There is one thing that has been neglected that may have been important to some: the Settings screen does not contain any option to slow down or speed up the animation of the bubbles. This may have been quite handy for those with low performance devices to decrease the speed and hence decrease the resource usage, or those with high-end devices wanting to get a higher level of eye-candy at the cost of more resources. However, you can reduce the number of empty bubbles with the ‘Set number of empty bubbles’ option if you experience a significant decrease in speed on low-end devices, and this may result in a more smooth experience.

Notification Bubbles might not impress all of us with its looks (bubbles aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea), but it sure is handy. If you’re e one to prefer functionality over beauty, you are sure to like it. You can grab the live wallpaper from the Android Market Google Play Store for free via the provided link.

A fan of functional live wallpapers like this one? Know of more similar ones that are your favourites? Like the idea of this one and use it regularly? Drop us a comment below and let us know of what you think.

Update: If you’re into live wallpapers, on’t forget to check out our coverage of the best cosmetic live wallpapers as well as the top functional live wallpapers available out there for Android.

Download Notification Bubbles for Android


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