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Official Android Client Of Zoho Docs Arrives In The Google Play Store

Headed by Google Docs and followed by the likes of Quickoffice, Documents To Go and OfficeSuite, the online document editing/management app genre of Google Play Store is certainly not short of quality options. Adding to that list is the official Android client of the extremely feature-rich online document management and sharing service, Zoho Docs. While the web client of the service boasts an entire suite of document editing, management, sharing and uploading tools, the just released Android client is currently restricted to letting you only access, search for and share your personal Zoho Documents, and upload images from your device to the Zoho cloud on the go. There is no option to modify existing documents, create documents right from the scratch, or upload anything to your Zoho Docs account other than image files. However, the app offers you with the convenience of accessing your Zoho presentations, spreadsheets, PDF documents, images and other document files from virtually anywhere. For this, all you need to ensure that your device has an active internet connection so that you can connect to the Zoho Docs service to access you personal Zoho content. No need to resort to the Zoho Docs website to achieve said purpose any more!


In order to access the app’s features, you must log in to the service using a valid Zoho Docs account. Using the in-app signup feature, you can get yourself a fresh Zoho Docs account for free ( only if you don’t already have one). However, as mentioned earlier, to start creating and managing docs, you’ll still need to avail the services of the web variant of Zoho Docs, as the Android client is currently void of any such facility.

The app’s homescreen lets you quickly access your Recent Docs, All Docs, Documents, Pictures, Presentations and Spreadsheets. To manually refresh the app’s content, tap Menu > Refresh. Using the arrow and search icon at the top-right of the screen, you can upload images, and search for the required Zoho Documents, respectively. While exploring a particular type of document, you can filter the list by Private, Shared or All docs. Long pressing a document file reveals a context menu that carries the solitary option of sharing the


That’s very much about it as far as the debut version of Zoho Docs for Android is concerned. Hopefully, with the future updates, the app would be beefed up with several other currently missing (and some new) options to see it come at par with all its aforementioned counterparts.

Download Zoho Docs for Android


  1. Something I still do not understand is the need of apps for online services!!!! i.e. Why I need facebook app if I need an internet connection for access? If I have an internet connection I can read the online version o f messages!! As well for zoho: If I store my docs on my sd-card why should i install the app if the in the zoho pages I do the sync as well? 

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