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Official Client For Cloud Service YouSendIt Arrives In Android Market

With more than 23 million registered subscribers from all across the globe, YouSendIt is easily one of the most extensively used online file syncing and sharing web services. Apart from updating its existing desktop and iOS clients just recently, YouSendIt also introduced brand new clients for Mac and Android to ensure that users of almost all renowned operating systems can avail the quality cloud computing features that it has to offer. Like its other variants, the official YouSendIt client for Android is also meant to provide you with instant and secure access to all the data stored on your cloud. Using the app, you can manage your files and folders, open, modify and add signatures to your digital documents, capture and upload photos/videos and share folders with your mail recipients (with user-defined access privileges for each). That’s not all; you can secure the app itself using a a 4-digit PIN.


To start using the app, you must be logged in with a valid YouSendIt account. New users can register from within the app for free.


The app, upon each login, syncs your YouSendIt data with the cloud. Any changes made to the cloud content either from PC or mobile are instantly replicated on either side. The app lists all your content on its homescreen. While tapping on a file/folder lets you browse its contents, long-pressing provides you with options to rename, move or delete it. From the toolbar at the top of this screen, you can select the folder button to add new folders/sub-folders, camera button to import an existing photo/video or capture a fresh one, and the more/menu button to move data across different folders. To view the progress of all your current uploads, tap Menu > Transfer Queue.

From within each folder, you can press the icon in the top-right corner of your screen to avail the folder sharing feature. In this regard, the app provides you with separate fields to add mail recipients, to whom you wish to grant Read Only or Read And Write permissions. There is also an option to add a brief message with each folder that you wish to share. Once done, just tap the envelope icon and share the desired folder with your contacts.


As of now, YouSendIt supports modifying and adding digital signatures, annotations, images, icons, date and custom text to various file formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX. In addition, you can also pick custom colors for your signatures and texts. All these editing options can be accessed from within the app’s built-in text editor. When done with editing a doc, just tap the floppy disk icon to select whether you wish to save the document to cloud, or send it to your recipients.


Tapping Menu > Settings on the app’s homescreen lets you specify a PIN for it, choose the default font color for your signatures and custom messages, and enable the Automatic Scrolling feature that helps you easily sign your documents within the required area.


The app, for the most part, is quite comfortable to work with and impresses with its syncing and uploading mechanism. The text editing and folder sharing features bring their own advantages too. However, YouSendIt still has a long way to go in order to pose any real threat to the the clients of cloud storage services the likes of Dropbox, SugarSync and Box.net.

Download YouSendIt for Android

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