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Official Dailymotion App Lands On The Android Market

Dailymotion is arguably one of the most extensively used online video sharing and streaming services that are currently running hot among worldwide users. The official Dailymotion Video Stream app for Android has been pushed to the Android Market with plenty of handy features that would certainly help it compete with the likes of YouTube. The official Dailymotion client for iPhone and iPad has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time while the Android variant hit the Market just a couple of days ago. Like its iOS counterpart, the official Dailymotion client for Android supports a customizable dashboard so that users can access their favorite content from the app’s homescreen. The app features extended search options with filters for videos, users, content and playlists, lets you follow content from other Dailymotion users while providing you with an option to share your favorite ones with utmost ease.

01-Dailymotion-Video-Stream-Android-Splash 02-Dailymotion-Video-Stream-Android-Home

Dailymotion’s official Android client has much more to offer than just plain video sharing and streaming. Support for streaming HD videos in full screen with detailed statistics, information and suggestions for relevant videos, channel-based browsing, continuous streaming of videos in a playlist and the option to share your favorite videos directly from the video screen are some of the highlights of the app.

The app opens to the dashboard which displays subscribed channels as well as various featured ones. Tapping the plus (+) button at the top lets you pick content for your dashboard. Pick from an available channel or simply search for your preferred one and add it to the list. Similarly, from the app’s main interface, you can use the search bar to look for your favorite videos. To remove channels from the dashboard, long press on a tile and tap the cross icon that appears on its top-right corner.

04-Dailymotion-Video-Stream-Android-Channels 03-Dailymotion-Video-Stream-Android-Portrait

While tapping on a channel displays a list of all the underlying videos, the very first video on the list automatically starts streaming in the background. To launch the video player screen, simply tap the app’s notification bar (at the bottom) or drag it up onto the screen. Switching between videos is simple too. Just swipe left/right across the app’s built-in video player to navigate between various videos within the playlist. For each video, you can view sharing statistics, related videos and/or easily add it to the dashboard. From within the player’s interface you may also add videos to your favorites and share them with your friends.


To enjoy watching videos in full-screen, just tilt your device from portrait to landscape orientation. While in full-screen mode, swiping left/right on video screen makes switching between videos extremely simple. The app does not have much to offer on the configuration front as the Settings screen just lets you specify your country and nothing beyond that.

Download Dailymotion Video Stream for Android

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