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Pepper For WP7: A Social Network For Discovering Music Gigs & Fun Events

You can listen to a song on TV or PC as many times as you want, but nothing is quite like being in a concert and enjoying your favorite music with hundreds of other fans. As much as people enjoy concerts, it is a fact that it’s never easy to discover all such events in your vicinity. Most of us find out about planned gigs via social media, but won’t it be nice if there were a social network just for music events – one that you could carry around with you? If you are a Windows Phone 7 user, now there is! Meet Pepper, a Mango app which will let you connect with your music-loving friends, and keep you up-to-date with all the latest gigs and recreational events happening in your area. Not only that, Pepper also lets you follow your favorite artists, so that you always know where and when they are performing.

Pepper WP7 Profile Pepper WP7 Feed

It is possible to use Pepper without signing up for a new account, but that’s just for giving you a taste of this spicy app. Signing up for the service is easy, and you won’t even have to give your email ID. All it takes is a new username and password, and you are good to go. As Pepper is a social network, you can edit and personalize your profile any way you want. This includes setting up a display picture, your current location, occupation and other similar details. Once you have done all that, it is better to invite some of your friends to Pepper, and this can be done via providing their email ID or Pepper username. It is also possible to connect your Facebook account with the app in order to search for friends on Pepper. The activities of all your Pepper friends will be shown in the main feed of the app, and you can stay abreast of their latest doings regarding music and concerts. Pepper has am Invite menu, which helps you organize a get-together with your friends, and gives a heads-up about any event.

Pepper WP7 Events Pepper WP7 Gigs

Using the app, you can discover both gigs and club nights. Pepper will automatically search for these events in your area, but it is also possible to change the location of search. If you find a place you really like, you can follow it and Pepper will notify you every time an event is being hosted there in the future. The search for gigs is also available via artists’ name, or even through promoters. Pepper not only tells its users about the location of a concert, but displays just about every useful piece of information you could possibly wish to know, including the price of tickets. Users of the app can pin any event or artist to their Start screen as well.

WP7 users who like going out to listen to music are bound to love Pepper, so if you are one such person, grab the app for free from the following link.

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