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Pho.to Lab: An iOS App With An Insanely Huge Photo Effects Collection

We cover a lot of photo editors for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and most of the time, they have some features which make them different from their competitors. However, Pho.to Lab is an iOS app which is really a cut above the rest. Admittedly, the app does not have a lot of editing features, but there are more than 450 photo effects & filters that you can apply to any photo using the app. The app’s ample filter and effect collection is neatly categorized, and most of them could be applied to photos with a single touch. The listed filter categories in Pho.to Lab include everything from cartoon effects to photo frames and collage filters.

Pho.to Lab Pho.to Lab Crop Pho.to Lab Effect

Using Pho.to Lab is pretty simple. On the home page, there is just a list of all the categories of effects available in the app. To apply the effect, go to the desired category, and choose from a list of given entries. The best thing about the app is that it is not static; new effects are continuously added to all the genres, and all menus have a suggestion box as well, where anyone can let the developer of the app know which effect they want. So, we can hope that Pho.to Lab will fast become a huge repository of photo effects for iOS devices.

Pho.to Lab Complicated Pho.to Lab Frame

You can also rotate a photo, or crop it, before you apply the chosen effect. Once an effect has been applied, there are options to save it to your iDevice, share it via email or your social network. Although the app is free, it does have a few in-app purchases, worth $1.99 each, for removing ads and buying new filters. Nevertheless, even without spending anything, Pho.to Lab is a must-have app for all iPhone users who are into photography. You just have to see the app to discover how truly amazing the range of offered effects, filters and frames is.

It is worth mentioning that the app does all its image processing in the cloud, and every photo you run through it, gets uploaded and downloaded, using wireless data. Hence, be wary if you’re not on a WiFi network, and your carrier charges for data transmission. Pho.to lab can become even better if the developer makes some of the simpler effects and filters usable offline, as it seems to be too much trouble to use your data just to apply a plain frame to a photo.

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