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Reboot Options For Xperia Arc, Neo, Play, X10, X8, X10 Mini And X10 Mini Pro


Extended power menus are not always available to all rooted Android devices. Such is the case with Sony Ericssons Xperia line of Android phones. If you have any of the devices as mentioned in the title above and not running a custom ROM, or the custom ROM has no extended power menu, this app by XDA-Developers forum member DoomLoRD is just what you need for your rebooting needs. From shutting down, to rebooting into recovery, you have it all. Read on for more!

The app started off with no support for the Arc, Neo and Play earlier but that has changed now, and these devices are supported as well. The app supports the following features:

  • Widget icon for convenience.
  • Fast power off.
  • Reboot command executes quickly and the reboot is much faster.
  • Option to reboot into recovery or a custom kernel.
  • Reboot directly into fastboot mode. [Will only work if you have a device connected to the PC via USB (with fastboot drivers installed) else device will just reboot.]

Needless to say, your device needs to be rooted with busybox installed with a custom recovery flashed.

You can see the screenshots below, courtesy of the developer.


The app is not available on the Android Market, but can be downloaded from the forum at XDA-Developers (see link below).

Download Xperia Reboot Options v1.3.

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