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RemembAR Uses Face Recognition To Identify Facebook Friends & Log Meetings With Them [Android]

So far, Android devs have been able to employ the concept of face recognition to tag photos uploaded to social media or as an unlocking mechanism for various facets of the OS. Whether it be tagging photos before uploading them to Facebook with Social Camera, unlocking protected apps on your device with Visidon AppLock or protecting the entire device with the Face Unlock feature incorporated into Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the functionality can’t be categorized as something exclusive to the mobile platform. remembAR, however, is an innovative Android app that reminds us there’s much more to achieve with face recognition than the aforementioned. The app utilizes face recognition to identify your Facebook friends and lets you keep a record of your meetings with them. Not only can remembAR maintain a record of the time and number of meetings, it can also be set to post them to your Facebook Wall.


Instead of typing status updates about meetups with your Facebook friends, you can simply launch the app, and scan a friend’s face to record the time and date of your meeting.


But how does remembAR know whether the person in your camera’s viewfinder is one of your Facebook friends? Well, for that, you’ll first need to authorize the app to access your Facebook account. Once that is done, each time you scan a face, the app will try to match it with one of your Facebook friends’ photos, and display relevant suggestions in the top-right corner of the screen. If the face is recognized successfully, all you need to do is tap the check button to save a record of your meeting, and post it to Facebook. The latter option can be disabled from the app’s settings screen.


In case the app displays incorrect suggestions, you can hit the cross button beside each to remove them from the screen. While scanning, you can also activate your device’s flashlight by tapping Menu > FLASH.

The icon in the middle of the app’s homescreen can be tapped to view all recorded instances of your meetings with friends. To delete a record, long-press on it and tap delete.


RemembAR has potential to take the face recognition concept to greater heights. Expanding the pool of social network services, that is, adding Google+ to the mix would certainly fetch the app a wider fanbase, as would adding the option to identify and befriend people with public profiles on Facebook or other social media.

Download remembAR for Android

Update: For reasons unknown, the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

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