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Remote Control App For PC Coming To Windows Phone 7 [WIP]

Controlling your PC via your mobile phone may not be that big a deal for Android or iOS users anymore. However, the same cannot be said for users of the WP7 devices. Did we just hint at a sign of things to come? Indeed we did, because there is an app in the works that not only let’s you control your PC but access files on the PC as well. More on this upcoming app after the break!

The app named Remote may not be the first to allow you control of your PC, such as volume control, power controls, mouse control, virtual keyboard etc., but as stated earlier, it is the first of its kind on the WP7 platform that allows you access to your files on the PC. According to the developer Deathlamp, future versions of the app will feature the option to transfer the accessed files to your phone as well.

To quote the developer:

It comes with a server-application for your PC.
You can scroll through all your files, start them and you are also able to close/maximize and start applications on your computer from your phone.
Depending on which application is in foreground, user-defined key-combinations,commands and folders are displayed.
So for example, when vlc is active, your media-folder and key-combinations to Pause/Play and Fullscreen are displayed.


What’s even more awesome than the layout and functions, is the fact that this app, when finished, will be released as a free app! For updates and any queries, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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