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Root/Unroot Samsung Epic 4G With A Single Click

Earlier we posted the ADB method of rooting Samsung Epic 4G which proved out to be a hunch for many entry level rooting enthusiasts. There is another method available now that will root your Epic 4G with a single click! Single click rooting methods are in-trend now as no one wants to get in ADB or Goldcard etc.

Update: This method is now obsolete on the current firmware of the phone. The required files are no longer available either. Check out a more recent method of rooting Epic 4G that we have written about.

Here are step by step instructions on rooting Samsung Epic 4G with a single click. samsung-epic-4g

  • The first step is to download Epic 4G root Zip file along with Samsung Galaxy S drivers for PC.
  • One this is done, go to menu > Applications > Development and enable USB Debugging Mode.
  • Now extract the zip file your earlier downloaded and run the “run.bat” file.
  • Wait for the process to finish and there you go! You have rooted your Samsung Epic 4G without any hassles.
  • This root has busybox and remounty script inculcated as well as fixes no show sprint animation.

You can consult this XDA forums thread to get support in case this method gives you any issues. After rooting, you are free to install any custom Froyo/Eclair ROM as per your desire.

You can also unroot your Samsung Epic 4G and revert back to stock by downloading unroot file from below and following the same procedure as above.

Reference Links:

Download Epic 4G One Click Root File

Unroot Samsung Epic 4G


  1. I rooted my Sprint Samsung Epic 4g without any difficulty.  I was surprised to see the “superuser” icon in the apps.  It was much easier than I expected.  Then a gingerbread automatic update took place 4 hours later.  My epic has been “frozen” since.”  I have the “Samsung logo and the menu keys are lit up but that is it…nothing works.  A hard reset will not work.  I attempted just about everything.  I followed websites about holding down the volume button while turning on the phone…nothing.  Even when you plug it in to charge, all you see is a battery but nothing happens.  I cannot find where this has happened to any others on the net.  Any Advice besides trashing it?

  2. Just to recap what all I did

    I turned on debugging mode on USB

    I downloaded and installed the drivers for the epic

    I downloaded the one step and moved it to a folder

    I can open cmd and run the one step but it cant find the phone

    I have tried it with storage on, with it off, I have rebooted everthing several times, I installed all the java and andriond development toolls ( What for is still unknown all it says here is ” you need a few fills from it” )

    what steps am i missing??

  3. This is FAR from “one click” I have worked on this for 2 hours now and am close to throwing this phone out the window. All the sites i find have 1/2 the instructions only leaving out something in each step. I am now stuck on “phone not connected” The link shared here to solve that error goes to page that does not address that or not that I can see. The dude that made the FAKE I feel video stoped it several times to do the missing steps and then resumed the video what a waist of time. i want my 2 hours back!!

  4. i cant get to “http://www.sdx-downloads.com/devs/noobnl/one.click.root.exploitv2.2.4.zip”
    it comes up as a blocked page and when i proceed its not there-gatorhost or somethin

    2nd i cant install the drive correctly-ive actually had this problem with another driver for something unrelated

    any tips/advice?

  5. Hello:
    When I try to download the drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S is says it seems you don’t belong here signed up for a drop box account but same thing. Any ideas?

  6. If it says “phone not connected” than try unplugging the usb from phone and plug it back in or vice versa. sometimes you have to restart the ADB proccess. This can be done by crtl+alt+dlt and clicking on “processes” and than click on the ADB proccess and hit “end Task”.. These issues have all been resolved and can be read in more depth along with anything else u want to know about rooting your epic at:


  7. I’ve been trying to root my samsung epic. I dowloaded all th fils n drivers. Installed the drivers. N when I run the one click root. It says “phone is not connected.” I have usb debbuging. How can I get it rooted?

  8. In order for the root to work you must first download samsung drivers which can be found on sprints page or samsung. this download is separate from the root zip itself.

  9. I have followed these steps, and have the drivers installed, but when I run the .bat file, it says “phone not connected”. I have it in debugging mode and the device manager shows the device drivers are installed… any ideas?

    • I’m having the same problem. All the pre-reqs are done with AV software off:

      1. Installed/re-installed Samsung drivers
      2. Extracted root files
      3. USB debug mode set and connected with system.
      4. Executed ‘run’ batch file
      5. daemon not running….daemon started successfully….Phone is not connected, Press any key to continue.

      Any workarounds?

  10. OK, I bought my Epic (awesome phone) on 8/31 and am learning all the bells & whistles, but am Not a techie, to put it very mildly… So what is “rooting”, why would I need it, and what will it let me do, with which gadgets? I’m guessing if I ‘root’ my phone it will let me communicate with/ use my PC from my Epic? If so, what exactly will I be able to do (w/ phone or PC)? Tried to Google this info with no basic level (understandable) results. Help pls!

    • Rooting an android device, is the equivalence of jailbreaking an iphone or ipod touch. A rooted android device allows you to pretty much take control of the handheld. You can completely remove Sprint’s bloatware, install custom roms that normally you can’t use because the phone is locked. On an HTC Evo, you can remove Sense ui, for example.

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