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Runnymede Sense 3.5 KingedRunny ROM For EVO 4G Now Available [Download]

HTC Runnymede is the new high-tier Android phone that is set to be released in November or December this year. However some industrious hackers have already got their hands of the leaked official firmware of this phone. The result of this, like always, is that Android hackers and developers at different Android portals , blogs and forums are hard at work to cook Runnymede firmware based ROMs for their devices. Runnymede firmware / official RUU comes with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread running HTC Sense 3.5 UI. For those who don’t know, HTC Sense 3.5 UI is a Sense 3.0 successor and comes loaded with extra widgets, lockscreen accessible apps and homescreen portrait compatibility. As of now, HTC Sense 3.5 has managed to gather a massive fan base owing to enhanced utility and beautiful looks.

kingedrunnyrom2Recently eVOKings, ROM developer with a huge portfolio, has managed to port this Sense 3.5 Runnymede ROM on HTC EVO 4G. Like other initial ports, the KingedRunny Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM based on Runnymede WWE RUU 0.852.40.41 for HTC EVO 4G also has some drawbacks and issues. The ROM comes with a modified stock Gingerbread Boot.IMG and features like 4G, Camera, Wallpapers and USB aren’t working. The ROM isn’t ready for prime time until now, but it can very well act as your daily driver. The developer has pledged to fix the issues on priority basis and a revamped version of this ROM will be released within a week or so for general consumption.

Here is a brief changelog of this ROM straight from the developer:

Changelog for beta v.01
-beta release
-Many bugs

Changelog for beta v.02

-Wifi fixed by lithid
-mms fixed by lithid
-Framework stripped of languages by lithid
-Modded frame jar by lthid

Changelog for Beta v.03
-Fixed 4 way reboot
-Fixed down-animation
-moved a few apps to data

You can download the ROM from here and then flash it through custom recovery following a complete Wipe / Factory Reset. In case you want more downloads, installation instructions, further information on this ROM or want support, then head to the official XDA ROM thread posted here.

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