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Runtastic Pro: Your Personalized Fitness Trainer For The iPhone

If you are health-conscious, and spend some time each day on your fitness, then your iPod touch or iPhone can become your best companions. Not only do they let you listen to your favorite songs while you jog, you can also use a number of really useful iOS apps, aimed at lending you a helping hand in letting you stay in shape. Runtastic Pro is one such app, which has been around for quite a while in the App Store, and it comes with just about all the tools you can need while you are working out each day.

Runtastic Runtastic iOS

To get started, it is better if you sign up for a Runtastic account, although some features of the app can be used without logging in. For better results, you can enter your weight and height in your account info as well. The first thing you need to do is choosing the activity you are about to perform. For that purpose, hit the Start button on the homepage of the app and you will be taken to the Activity menu.

Runtastic Activities Runtastic Compass

Runtastic Pro lists just about any physical activity you can possibly think of. From Walking to Skiing, there is nothing you won’t find in this menu. The choice of the activity dictates the way your stats are accumulated by the app, and assistance is provided to you. Runtastic Pro comes with a voice assistance feature, and most of the commands and information is relayed to users via speech. The app is meant to be a complete helper while you are running, and for that reason, it comes equipped with a Magnetic Compass of its own, letting you see where exactly are you headed.

Runtastic MapThe map offered by Runtastic Pro is overlaid with stats like the time elapsed since you started the activity, total distance travelled and your orientation. The map also supports Satellite view, and highlights your progress from the starting point. On the homepage, you can toggle between different display modes, showing data like your speed, time of the day and your heartbeat (if you have a Bluetooth sensor for it).

Runtastic Music Player Runtastic Stats Runtastic Settings

As the app is supposed to incorporate everything you need while working out, it even has a music player of its own, in which you can import songs from your iDevice’s music library, and set up your Powersong, which will be the default track in the duration of the activity. Once you are done performing the chosen activity, the app reads a detailed report to you, containing all the stats regarding your undertaken activity. You can save your feedback to the app after a session has expired, and the sharing options include email, Facebook and Twitter. To bring a touch of competitiveness to your tasks, you can Create Competitions and compare your own activities with the ones performed by your social network buddies.

Runtastic Pro has both free and paid versions, but for today, you can get the Pro version for no cost at all, so hurry up and grab this fantastic app from the download link given below.

Download Runtastic Pro

Download Runtastic


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