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Workplace Collaboration & Performance Evaluation App Rypple Comes To Android

Timely evaluation and feedback of employee performance, deploying effective and instant means to disseminate vital information across the entire workforce, and constantly staying in touch with your co-workers can prove to be a hallmark of success for all organizations. Based on the aforementioned concept, Rypple is a relatively fresh business-oriented web service that helps you connect to your workforce, collaborate with your staff members with utmost ease, and prepare performance appraisals for them. Using the service’s dedicated Android and iOS client, business owners and entrepreneurs can rest assured that they are always a tap away from their entire team, and providing them with necessary information on the go.

While the iOS client of the service was released back in September 2011, its Android variant has just been rolled out into the Android Market.


Once you’re logged in to the app with your Rypple account, you can instantly access all the core features of the service right from your device. The app’s interface is split into three main tabs that provide you access to all your recent activities, your personal profile and actions, and all the contacts you are Connected With on the Rypple network.


To post an instant update on the network, provide a quick performance feedback, and/or access the app’s main settings, just hit the Menu button while on the app’s homescreen. Any comments, likes and responses that your updates get, are displayed under the All News tab.

Selecting the Give a Thanks option from the menu lets you send a custom thank-you message along with a performance badge to an employee of your choice.


Tapping the You tab lets you view and manage your personal Profile and Actions on the network.

To collaborate with any of your employees, switch to the Connected With tab. For each employee, you have the option to check their Profile, Notes, as well as the Actions assigned to them. To create a new action for an employee, simply hit Menu > New Action. For each added action, you can specify a due date, an objective, key result, and concerned contacts, add personal notes, comment on and share it with the entire team.


The best thing about the service is that all content is stored on the cloud, and can be accessed, modified and synced form anywhere.

Download Rypple for Android

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