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Snap Rule Turns iPhone Into Adjustable Scale For Length Measurements

Personally, I have not been a huge fan of apps that let you do stuff which can easily be performed with instruments made specially for that purpose. One such example of this genre of iOS apps include those that turn your $400 iPhone into a one dollar scale for measuring lengths! However, every category in the App Store does have some good apps in it, and Snap Rule comes across as one such app. The task performed by Snap Rule is essentially the same as performed by many other apps, but it comes with a slightly favorable twist; the scale offered by this app is highly adjustable. This means that you can conjure the ruler out of thin air, and then resize it according to the size of the object to be measured.

Snap Ruler Snap Ruler Settings

Snap Ruler has separate versions for iPhone/ iPod touch and iPad. These versions differ only in the maximum scale which can be used on the screen. To create a scale for the first time, pinch the screen with two fingers and the ruler will appear. An alternative way of creating a ruler is by tapping the ‘+’ button and then selecting a length from the menu that comes up. The ruler can be in inches, millimeters or centimeters. A ruler created via the menu can also be adjusted via pinching. Snap Ruler allows its users to save any instance created within the app, so that you can use it for any measurement in the future as well.

Snap Ruler is available for free, and you can check it out by heading to to the link below.

Download Snap Ruler

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