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Soundtracker Brings Its Location-Based Music Discovery App To Android

Soundtracker is an interactive online music discovery, distribution and sharing service featuring no less than 11 million high quality songs. Apart from managing and listening to your favorite tracks, you can use Soundtracker service to explore music shared by your Facebook/Twitter friends as well as from users nearby. The official mobile client of Soundtracker is available across all the popular platforms, with the Android Market being the latest to receive its very own variant. Using the Soundtracker Radio app, you get a chance to search for, access, and share your favorite music stations (artists) from anywhere. It also lets you learn about the musical taste of other users, and make friends with them, chat with them, and comment on their tracks. Another added feature in the mobile client is the ability to displays lyrics of the songs that you’re listening to. The app also sports a handy homescreen widget that lets you switch tracks, and share them with your friends right from the homescreen.

Soundtracker-Android-Login Soundtracker-Android-Home

Soundtracker Radio fetches all its lyrics from the Musixmatch website. The app is pretty swift to stream music from its server, and supports searching music tracks of almost all renowned and upcoming artists from its huge online database. The app even supports running in the background to let you listen to an unending stream of music from your favorite artists (including those liked by users in your vicinity).

Soundtracker-Android-Trendy Soundtracker-Android-Nearby

Soundtracker Radio has a homescreen widget, a feature that we missed in quite a few other music discovery apps that we have come across in the past months (HitlantisExfmSoundtracking et al). You will also be hard-pressed to find an app from said genre that not only lets you discover music from your very own region, but also allows you chat with other music lovers. That’s what makes Soundtracker Radio all the more special.

Soundtracker-Android-Player Soundtracker-Android-Lyrics

To start using the app, you must log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Soundtracker account. The app then determines your current location to find other Soundtracker users in your vicinity, and list their favorite stations. Once past that, you’re taken to the app’s homescreen, which displays all stations. To listen to your favorite artists, just hit the My Stations button. The search bar at the top of the homescreen lets you manually search for artists that you can add to your stations whereas the controls on the bottom let you play/pause tracks and switch between them.

Soundtracker-Android-Profile Soundtracker-Android-Chat

The app has a feature-rich built-in music player. Within the player’s interface, the larger tile indicates the track that you are currently listening to whereas the smaller one is the track that will be played next (if any). Apart from using the next button at the bottom to switch between tracks, you can do so by swiping right-to-left across the aforementioned tiles. Also on this screen, you can find various buttons that let you share the currently playing track, comment on it, and view its lyrics.

Soundtracker-Android-Friends Soundtracker-Android-Search

That’s not all; using the buttons at the top-right corner of this screen, you can check out all the nearby stations, and/or view the profile of the user, chat with him/her, and view all their favorite stations. To log out of the app, or to exit it, tap Menu, and select the required option.


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