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SpotTweet: Send Twitter Updates From Spotlight Search [Cydia Tweak]

If you tweet a lot, then having an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is just the thing for you, owing to the impressive Twitter integration on offer in the latest version of iOS. There is now an option for tweeting in just about every area of the platform, and within most stock apps, but if you want to compose a tweet and send it to your account without any fuss, you will have to rely upon some of the third-party options available for users. There is Twicon, Tweet Time and many other apps and tweaks which are designed for speed and efficiency when it comes to tweeting. SpotTweet is the newest addition to this category, and using this Cydia tweak, you can compose and send a tweet from the Spotlight search area in an iDevice.

Spotlight Search Tweet SpotTweet Cydia

SpotTweet is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store. Once installed, you will see that a new icon has been added to the Springboard of your device. Tap the newly added icon and wait for the default Twitter page to finish loading. When done, enter your Twitter username and password, and then authorize SpotTweet to use your account. Now it’s time to respring your device, either via SBSettings, or through any other method of your choice.

After the tweak has been successfully installed and set up, go to the Spotlight search area. You will notice that the Search button in the keyboard has been replaced by Send. So, to start tweeting, just enter the text in the text box (make sure to limit it to 140 characters), and then hit the Send button on the keyboard. A few users are sure to take some time to get used to the presence of a Tweet button in place of a search one, so be careful about what you search from the Spotlight area, if you don’t want it showing up in your Twitter profile. To search for anything, just type the query and tap the Search Web button. Most tweaks that tinker with Spotlight usually render it useless for any other purpose, but the best thing about SpotTweet is that it won’t disturb the original functionality of Spotlight, and you will still be able to use that area for the tasks it has been designed for. If, at any time, you don’t want to use SpotTweet any more, just tap its app icon and logout. A pretty neat tweak, specially given the fact that you can grab it for free.

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