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Squarespace For Android – Manage & Post To Your Blog On The Go

Squarespace users who own an Android device can now rejoice as their favorite blogging platform has just recently released an official client for said smartphone OS. Initially launched as an iOS-only app, Squarespace blogging tools and features are now available to Android users as well. With Squarespace installed on your Android device, you can easily manage your entire blog, keep a close check on blog statistics and receive push notifications for new comments. Apart from supporting multiple Squarespace accounts, the app provides ample customization for each account.

If you too are into Squarespace blogging, then you do not have to rely on your desktop anymore to maintain your account. Instead, you can avail all the Squarespace features on your Android and manage your blog’s content on the go. The app opens to a neat and well-structured interface from where you can access various Squarespace features. From the Account Settings, you can set your account title, login credentials and the preferred size of images that you would be using in your posts.

To start writing your posts, just tap on Compose, select from your preferred editing mode (text, HTML, Textile, Markdown) and you’re ready to begin. You can add pictures to your posts and can easily modify post settings by specifying post date / time, categories and underlying tags.

As one would expect from a quality blogging client such as Squarespace, there is an option within the app to preview your posts before publishing them. Once you’re done with your post, just tap Save. The app prompts you to publish your post to web, publish it as a draft or save it as a local draft. Plus, the app also supports extensive comment management which means that you can approve comments for your posts, mark them as spam and also reply back to them.

Tap on Stats to check your blog’s recent referrers, RSS subscribers, search queries and in-depth statistics. In order to see your comments, navigate your way to Manage > Comments from the app’s homescreen. You can also manage all your posts (published and unpublished) from said tab.

Even if you’re not a Squarespace user (as yet), you’d admire the sheer convenience and usability of its Android client which really makes blogging real fun and would surely serve as an inspiration for some of the more popular blogging services worldwide. Squarespace is available to the users absolutely free of cost. You can download the app from the Android Market link provided below and carry your blog wherever you go.

Download Squarespace for Android

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