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Swackett Gives Weather Updates, Dresses Your Avatar Accordingly [iOS]

Swackett Swackett Settings

iOS has more weather apps than a user would care to try, so you would think that the weather arena in iPhone is pretty saturated and no new addition to the App Store could make you switch from your current weather app. But there is always room at the top, and things can improve no matter how perfect they seem at first glance. Swackett is a weather app for iDevices which brings weather updates to your screen in a new and refreshing way. Not only do you get detailed forecasts and statistics, the app comes with avatars which dress up for you to match the weather outside, effectively telling you what you should wear.

Swackett Male Avatar Swackett Female Avatar

There are 3 ways of entering Swackett. You can sign up for a new account, sign in if you already have one, or just ignore the whole thing and continue using the app without an account. The first thing Swackett will do is to detect your current location. Once it knows where you are, the data from the nearest weather station will be loaded to base the forecasts and avatars upon. You can change your avatar a bit by scrolling to the left, from where you can choose the avatar’s gender.

You get all the usual weather app options with Swackett as well. These include current conditions and weather forecasts for today and coming days. You can share the weather forecast of a particular location on Twitter, or chip in and play your part in making Swackett a better experience by uploading photos of your area.

Swackett Detailed ForecastYou might get the impression that this is all there is to Swackett, but that’s not so. When you switch the orientation of your device to landscape, the app reveals detailed forecasts and additional data. The interface of this part of the app is reminiscent of Windows Phone 7’s gorgeous metro UI and Live Tiles. The interface displays weather forecast for the entire week with day/night and hourly weather forecasts for the current day. You can tap each tile here to make it flip and show even more detailed data about that particular day (or time of day) and double-tap to zoom in. It is also in this section that you can view satellite images and warnings related to your selected area’s weather.

Swackett is free and with the level of details it offers, it just might become your default weather app on the iPhone.

Download Swackett for iOS

Update: The Android app of Swackett is now available in the Play Store. Download it via the link provided below.

Download Swackett For Android

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