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Tout For Android: Post Video Clips On Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously

How long does it take to record and share a very short video clip, in fact, multiple video clips with the world? How about sharing your clips on your Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline simultaneously? Well, if you’re talking about Tout – a video recording/ sharing app for iOS and Android – then it doesn’t take any longer than 30 seconds from grabbing a quick clip to posting it to your profile pages on both the aforementioned social networks. In addition, Tout also lets you share videos with your phone and email contacts. With Tout, it’s all about sharing your memorable videos with the world in an instant.


Based on almost the same concept as that of recently reviewed TJUNKS Video Camera, Tout allows recording and posting videos of relatively smaller durations on multiple social platforms. However, Tout is not new to smartphones. As mentioned earlier, an iOS variant of the app is already present in the iTunes App Store. What’s different with Tout (than its counterparts) is that it provides you with an option to queue up all your recordings and then share them all at once with as many contacts as you like without having to upload them manually, one by one. Plus, any sharing done via Tout is quicker than what most other alternatives have to offer.


A valid email ID and a password is all what Tout requires from you to join the fun. If you’re using Tout for the very first time, you’re prompted to record your very first video by tapping the tout tab (camera icon) at the bottom of the homescreen. For each recording that you wish to share via tout, you can add a relevant title and tag(s) and select from the available sharing options. The three tabs at the bottom of this screen let you delete, review and submit your video respectively.

Hitting the submit button doesn’t actually begin uploading videos but rather queues them up in a list.


On the app’s homescreen, you have also have a watch tab that can be tapped to view all the Updated, Popular and Today’s shared videos on Tout, reply to them, like them, share them and even ‘re-tout’ (much like re-tweet) them. You can also follow a user from within the same screen.

All your queued and shared videos as well as all the videos that you’ve touted via the app can be found under the my tab on the app’s homescreen. To view the queued videos, tap on the Queue button. Launching this screen automatically starts uploading your queued videos (if the automatic uploading option is enabled, that is).

In order to share content successfully, you must have both your Facebook as well as your Twitter accounts configured properly. Tout lets you pick cell phone contacts and contacts, and also provides you with an option to create a new contact by manually entering a name, email address and phone number.


During a brief test run, the app successfully managed to share our videos to Facebook and Twitter (and quite quickly too). However, it consistently refused to share anything at all with phone and email contacts. Furthermore, the app’s missing some very basic features, such as geo-tagging and option to keep shared content public/private, both of which are a norm in media sharing apps these days.

You can check out the app’s official demo video below.

Download Tout for Android

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