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Unlike Brings City Guides With Maps, Events, Venues & More To Android

Looking for a travel guide for your Android device? One that offers all its assistance without costing you a dime? Well, then you do not need to look any further because Unlike City Guides is here! The famous travel guide application for iOS that let users explore locations around the world and the attractive venues lying therein, in addition to being revamped, is now available to Android users as well. London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin; you name it and the app takes you to your dream location in a matter of a few taps. Unlike City Guides, in partnership with Samsung Galaxy S II, brings information, multimedia, maps, events, venues and all to make your journey convenient and memorable.


With Unlike, you can check out top locations/events of the five most popular European cities. You have the choice to explore the app by logging in with your Facebook account or you may sign up for a fresh account right from within the app for free.

Unlike helps you find venues of your interest on a map or you may browse across them using the app’s extremely user-friendly interface. Get detailed information about the top hotels, shopping/food points, bars, clubs, art & cultural centers and escapisms (recreational points) and discover your favorite city with tips coming from locals.


The app’s homescreen is packed to ensure that you can get quick and easy access to your point of interest. Switching between various cities is made easy with the Switch City button on this screen. Tap on a desired category, select an attractive location and check out all the informative editorials and facts about it. Swipe across the screen to view photos of the venue, get it’s location displayed on a map and let your friends know about the place.

Tap on Events from the app’s homescreen to check out all the various upcoming events that suit your taste and preference sorted by date, time, category and location. Still not impressed? Just tap on Inspire Me to explore 5 brand new venue recommendetions by Unlike.


All in all, Unlike is a great travel companion to have if you’re out on a visit. Needless to say, it would be heartening to see  a greater number of scenic destinations added to the already impressive repertoire of Unlike. The app is now available in the Android Market. Download Unlike City Guides for Android for free via the Market link provided below.

Download Unlike City Guides for Android

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