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Weather Services For Android: Weather Forecast With Live Webcam Photos For Each Location

The Android Market has no shortage of weather apps. Some keep you apprised of the latest weather conditions via homescreen widgets while others may depict the actual ‘feel’ of the weather at a certain location via HD videos. Adding to the long list of numerous weather apps for Android with a few new features of its own is Weather Services. The app displays detailed 5-day weather forecast of various user-defined locations and has the capacity to cache data for offline viewing. Weather Services comes with 4 different types of homescreen widgets and displays live images of worldwide locations captured via various public webcams. Apart from displaying the current time of your location, the app’s Clock Widget, like that of almost every other weather app, provides quick access to the stock clock/alarm app. In addition , the app lets you select from multiple weather services (WeatherBug, Google Weather) and specify the interval between automatic weather updates.

Weather-Services-Android-Home Weather-Services-Android-Locations

The various details that the app displays for each location include current as well as forecasted  minimum and maximum temperature, amount of rain recorded for the day, air pressure, gust/wind speed, sunrise/sunset time, humidity, dew point and a “feels like” temperature.

Locations have to be added manually from within Menu > Locations. On the Locations screen, tap Menu > Add location to add one. Once all required locations have been added, you can tap on the ‘W’ icon to specify which location should be displayed on the widget. On the app’s main screen, you can view all aforementioned details along with a 5-day forecast of each location. Swiping up and down on the screen switches between locations while tapping on the weather icon of a particular day displays details of forecasted weather conditions.


To view live webcam images of a selected city, tap Menu > Webcams. If there are multiple webcams mounted for the location, you will be able to see various views of the city by swiping left and right across the thumbnails on the top of the screen. The app’s settings screen (tap Menu > More > Settings) lets you specify the time/date format, the weather provider, weather units, weather refresh time, font settings and more.

Weather-Services-Android-Webcams Weather-Services-Android-Widgets

As mentioned earlier, with Weather Services, users get to pick from multiple widget types. These include the Clock, Forecast, Small (minimal) and Weather widget. Tapping on the clock takes you to the stock Clock app while tapping anywhere else on a widget launches Weather Services’ main interface.

Weather-Services-Android-Settings1 Weather-Services-Android-Settings2

Although the free variant of Weather Services is quite feature-rich, the Pro version adds quite a few goodies such as detailed weather charts, satellite maps, option to add more locations, hourly forecasts, provision to use your current location as default and a few other customization features. As of now, however, the Pro version seems to be in the pipeline. We weren’t able to find it on the Market and the in-app solution seems to be unavailable as well.

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