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What Is The WP7 Homebrew Store, Bazaar, & How To Install It

If you are a smartphone user, then you most probably have heard about Cydia, the alternative app store for jailbroken iOS devices. In Android, no such alternative is necessary, as anyone can flash an APK file to their device. That left out Windows Phone 7 – or not any more, as the platform just got its very own marketplace for apps that didn’t get Microsoft’s approval to be published in the official Marketplace, or are just homebrews. Every other day, the XDA community, or other developers, launch XAP files containing useful apps, which would never be published in Marketplace for a variety of reasons. Bazaar hopes to be a new way of streamlining the whole process of finding and installing new homebrews to unlocked Mango phones. Read on to find all about this potential game-changer, which is still in it’s beta testing phase.

Bazaar WP7 Bazaar WP7 Homepage

When you get down to it, Bazaar is a homebrew itself, which can b downloaded for free from the XDA forum thread link given at the end of this post. But if you are getting too excited, just wait a second; there is a big limitation attached to Bazaar. Even if you have a developer & interop unlocked WP7 device, you can’t use Bazaar right away, because it requires the phone to have the capability of being able to download XAP files from Internet Explorer, a feature only available in DeepShining, NextGen+ and other custom ROMs for Mango. This means that, for now, only a limited number of people will be able to use Bazaar, but the developers of the homebrew store have promised that they are working on overcoming this restriction with future updates, and the possible release of a web version of the store. So, if you have a WP7 that runs a custom ROM, then just deploy the Bazaar.xap file to your device. Here is our guide to deploying XAP files to WP7.

Bazaar WP7 App Page Bazaar WP7 Downloads

There are a lot of features that people want WP7 to have, but for one reason or the other, Microsoft doesn’t allow apps related to those features to be published officially (OS screenshots being one example). If you have access to Bazaar, then you can get all such apps downloaded, and that, too, via an interface which is very similar to the Marketplace itself. Browsing through Bazaar, you won’t feel that you are anywhere but in the official Marketplace. The homepage lists 3 categories, including games, homebrews and simple apps. The installation and download pages are the same as the Marketplace as well. For details and to get the Bazaar XAP file, head to the source link given below.

[via XDA Forum Thread]

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