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WiFi Joiner For Android – Connect To WiFi Networks By Scanning QR Codes

WiFi networks at workplaces are often secured by ridiculously long WPA/WPA2/WEP keys, which make connecting to said networks from your new (or newly wiped) mobile device quite a hassle. Similarly, if you like to keep the WiFi access point at home considerably secure, sharing it with friends who come to visit becomes equally bothersome. Introducing WiFi Joiner for Android, a free, handy app that lets you create and share QR codes for new or saved WiFi access points and connect to them by scanning said codes, saving you the trouble of typing in long security keys or waiting for our device to detect networks. More after the break. WiFi-network-QR-code-scanning

Wi-Fi Joiner servers a dual purpose; not only does it make sharing your Access Point (AP) information with others immensely easy, but in doing so, also takes care of the security factor. After all, having your network bandwidth leeched by the neighbors due to a simple mistake is the last thing you would want to  happen to you. Therefore, whenever you feel like sharing your network’s access info with others under adequate protection, apps like WiFi Joiner can prove to be a lifesaver.

The app works like any other conventional barcode reader. Simply place a QR code within the square in the middle of the screen and it will identify the access point for which the QR code has been created, allowing you to connect to it immediately. You must, of course, have your device’s WiFi enabled to connect to the network. To create a QR code for a WiFi access point, hit Menu and tap Create. You can share created QR codes from within the app (Menu > Share from while viewing a created QR code) as well as from the /Wifi Joiner directory in the SD card.

Created QR codes are automatically saved to said directory. Creating-a-WiFi-AP-QR-CodeSharing-QR-code

You can grab the app for free from the Android Market via the provided link. The app might be confined to just scanning and sharing QR codes, but it is the actual concept of WiFi Joiner that sounds all the more enticing. Imagine having such a tool at your disposal that allows you to share select password vault information with the required recipients in the same way. Or, perhaps a contact management app that allows you to instantly share your contact card with others by just allowing them to scan some QR code on your device.

Download WiFi Joiner For Android


  1. Not quite enough, though… connecting or I should say trying to connect to a Wireless router that uses MAC filtering aside from whatever others security layers makes, unfortunately for no avail this android application..

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