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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango To Support Windows Live Messenger Emoticons

As we have boasted about the 500 magical new features coming to Mango on a number of occasions, you must be pretty familiar with the ongoing discovery of these features almost on daily basis. This time, however, we are talking about the lighter side of things. All of us text, and most of us put smileys at the end of our sentences (occasionally, at least). Windows Phone 7 keyboard even has a dedicated emoticon button on it, which just shows that Microsoft takes expressing your feelings quite seriously. With Mango, they have gone one step further, graphic emoticons are now supported on Mango!

Mango’s stock messaging app comes with Facebook and Windows Live messenger chat right from your texting inbox. But what’s chat worth if you can’t send a round little smiley at the end of your “Hey there!”? Emoticons do add a fun twist to the whole chat experience and that’s why the complete collection of Windows Live Messenger emoticons has landed on Mango. ForeverWP.com discovered this unadvertised feature in the beta version of WP7’s expected update.

When you type or choose a new smiley in your text conversation, it won’t show any different from the Nodo versions, but once sent, you will see that it has been transformed into a graphic emoticon from the Live messenger. Similarly, the emoticons you receive will be in graphic form. It is not yet clear as to how many emoticons will be actually supported by Mango, but our educated guess is that the full pallet of MSN smileys will make its appearance in the update. If that is the case, Mango users are surely in for a treat, as MSN smileys include just about any emoticon you can possibly think of, making WP7’s options even better and more comprehensive than the Emoji offered in iOS.

The feature might be a minor one, but it is a pretty cool addition to the OS, nonetheless. There are a lot of apps out there that let WP7 users add smileys to their texts, but you won’t see them as graphical emoticons, and that is what makes this new feature such an attractive addition to Mango. Now, all we need is a complete list of smileys that will automatically get converted to Emoji in Mango, as it’s hard to imagine all the supported ones getting packed in the stock keyboard (although it’ll be nice if that turns out to be the case).

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