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ZeroPC Photo Connect: A Social Photo Aggregating & Sharing Android App

From the team behind ZeroPC Cloud Navigator – a cross-platform all-in-one cloud data aggregator – comes another nifty Android app called ZeroPC Photo Connect that serves as a universal standalone aggregator and management tool for all your photos stored on your device’s local storage, as well as various social media sharing networks. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, Box, Instagram, Picasa, SugarSync, Evernote or any other popular online sharing platform, Photo Connect automatically fetches and aggregates all the photos shared on each supported service, and lets you view them on a specially designed chronological timeline, so you can easily scroll through the best moments of your life via memorable photos. The app also features a unique virtual album mash-up option, using which you can easily tag, manage and share the best photos from selected sharing services with your friends and family in an instant. In addition, the app supports automatic syncing of all the photos between your device, associated online services, and the ZeroPC cloud itself, so that you never have to worry about losing your invaluable snaps. More to follow.

Although the previously reviewed Pixable app also provided the users with similar functionality of aggregating your photos from various online sharing services, neither was it as comprehensive in terms of features as ZeroPC Photo Connect, nor is it available in the Play Store anymore. Given the number of various online sharing services that even an average computer/mobile user has subscribed to these days, it is only fitting to have an app like ZeroPC Photo Connect that helps you collect all the photos from your personal social accounts under one hood.


The only thing you need to join the fun is log in to the app using a valid ZeroPC or Facebook ID, and then authorize the app to access all the required online accounts/services. Once past that, you’re welcomed by a couple of tutorial screens, and then taken to the app’s homescreen that comprises several tabs, namely Recent, Timeline, Album, Search and Setting.


As obvious by their titles, each tab is dedicated to displaying the relevant content such as the recently received/uploaded snaps, a universal timeline of your entire collection of online photos, your self-created albums, a tag could-based search screen, and the app’s general settings screen, respectively.


While exploring a photo in full screen, you can swipe left/right to switch to the next photo, or tap anywhere on the screen to select the tagging, sharing or album insertion option via the relevant buttons from the bottom. From the same screen, you can tap the ‘i’ icon at the top-right side to reveal brief info about the picture.


By tapping the Album tab, you can view and share all the photo albums that you’ve created from within the app using only the photos of your choice. Tapping the Search tab lets you explore and/or search for images by tag. To modify account settings, check the total number of synced accounts/photos, and to modify the syncing option, tap the Setting tab.


Overall, ZeroPC Photo Connect brings a very useful and brilliant idea to the table. The interface of the app is very user-friendly, the syncing mechanism is buttery smooth, the supported features are awesome, and the overall concept of letting you access, explore and manage all your cloud photos in one place via a universal timeline is something that can attract quite a few users, especially those who love snapping each and every single memorable moment of their lives.


All the app needs now is a dose of some handy photo-editing and beautifying features that are highly in vogue these days in most photography apps. Once said features are incorporated, the concept of ZeroPC Photo Connect would become all the more alluring. That said, even with its currently offered features, ZeroPC Photo Connect is a must-try app, especially considering that it’s free.

Download ZeroPC Photo Connect for Android

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