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Bandicut Video Cutter for Windows: Download, Setup and How to Use It

Long video content takes up a lot of space. Think about a collection of movies or home-made clips. If you ran out of available disk space, it’s time to clear it up by splitting videos into multiple parts.

One of the best ways to manage files and make room for more on drives with a limited capacity is by spanning the clips across multiple drives.

Bandicut video cutter for Windows

Bandicut is an excellent software application for this role. Made only for Windows computers, you can use it to cut video files into many pieces and merge them back together. It’s really fast and features a user-friendly interface.

How to download Bandicut

You can download the Bandicut video cutter from the official website. The latest version is available for Windows 10, 8 and 7.

The Bandicut download page

If you’re running Windows XP, you can get an older edition of the video splitter that’s compatible with the outdated operating system.

Installing the Bandicut video cutter doesn’t take long. Besides looking over the license agreement, you can create shortcuts and select a preferred destination folder.

How to use Bandicut

To cut out unwanted parts of a video:

  1. Click Cut and select a video file from your PCThe main window of Bandicut
  2. Click and drag the arrow buttons to indicate the part of the video you want to cut out, then click Add segment. You can include one or more segments to cut out simultaneously. Then, click Start.Bandicat shows how to cut segments
  3. Select High-Speed mode, write a new Filename, and specify the Folder for the new video. Click Start.Bandicut shows the output panel
  4. Click Close when the job is done. You can now play the video, exit the application, or start a new task with Bandicut.Bandicut has finished a task

The splitting and merging jobs are similar. To split a video, you can either write the number of segments so that Bandicut can divide the pieces equally, or set the duration of each segment (unless they’re perfectly calculated, the last part won’t match the duration).

Joining videos is easy since you just have to select all of them. It’s also possible to change their order, encode videos, and remove or extract MP3 audio tracks. You can even upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo. Multiple interface languages are supported.

The free edition of Bandicut supports only AVI, MP4, and MOV. If you purchase the full version, you can also unlock other formats like MKV, WMV, TS, and DVD/VOB. Furthermore, you won’t see Bandicut watermarks anymore when creating new videos.


Bandicut splits, cuts, and merges videos quickly, without hindering the system’s performance. It has a pleasant interface with great options, although they might not seem that intuitive to first-time users. Perhaps a simple wizard would’ve been better for rookies.

However, Bandicut is ideal for skilled individuals who want to set up every minor detail when manipulating their video files. It’s definitely worth it.

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