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Microsoft Teams: share multiple screens in a meeting

Microsoft Teams has a screen sharing feature that allows users to share any open app’s window or the entire screen in a meeting. The screen sharing feature has a remote control function built into it. It allows participants in a meeting to request access and take control of the system that is sharing its screen.

The remote control function makes screen sharing in Microsoft Teams powerful but it still has limitations. You cannot share multiple screens at once. You can share multiple windows by sharing your entire screen and switching between them but sharing multiple screens will require manually switching between them.

Microsoft Teams Share multiple screens

Microsoft Teams: Share multiple screens

There are three different ways to share multiple screens from Microsoft Teams. These methods all differ in how easy they are to use and the limitations they come with.

Manually switch between screens

Users can manually switch between screens when they are presenting in a Microsoft Teams meeting. 

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Go to the Teams tab.
  3. Select a channel and start a meeting.
  4. Click the Share screen button.
  5. Select a screen to share.
  6. To switch to a different screen, quit sharing.
  7. Click the share screen button again.
  8. Select the other screen.

Switch between virtual desktops

You can share multiple screens by making use of virtual desktops. You will have to set up your apps first before you start sharing. Each app that you want to share will have to be set to show on a particular desktop.

On Windows 10;

  1. Start a Microsoft Teams meeting and share the screen.
  2. Use the Win+Ctrl+left/right arrow keys to switch desktops or use swipe gestures.

On macOS;

  1. Start a Microsoft Teams meeting and share the screen.
  2. Use the three-finger swipe gesture to switch between virtual desktops and full screen apps.

Set up Multiple Screens with OBS

If you want to share multiple screens and switch between them without ending screen sharing you will have to use OBS. You will have to set up a Scene in OBS where both your screens appear side by side.

  1. Open OBS and add a new scene.
  2. Click the plus button under the Sources column and select Display Capture.
  3. Select your first screen and add it.
  4. Click the plus button under the Sources column again and select Display Capture.
  5. Select the second screen.
  6. Right-click each screen from the Sources column and go to Transform>Flip Horizontal.

  1. Download and install the OBS VirtualCam plugin from here.
  2. Restart OBS.
  3. In OBS, go to Tools>Virtual Cam.
  4. Click Start.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Start a meeting and click the cogwheel icon next to the camera switch.
  3. Open the camera dropdown and select OBS Camera.

  1. Start the meeting. 
  2. To switch between a screen, go to OBS and click the eye icon next to a screen to ‘hide’ it. 
  3. Click the eye icon next to the screen you want to show.


Sharing multiple screens isn’t supported by most video conferencing tools. Microsoft Teams was planning to add the feature but like many of its planned features, multiple screen sharing still remains in the pipeline. 

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