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QuickBooks Tool Hub: Download, Install, How to Use

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software application developed and published by Intuit. It can be used by small and medium-sized businesses to process transactions, manage payments, and monitor payroll activity.

Meanwhile, QuickBooks Desktop is the desktop edition that grants you access to all key features of QuickBooks in a super-intuitive interface.

QuickBooks Tool Hub

What is QuickBooks Tool Hub?

QuickBooks Tool Hub is a software program dedicated to Windows computers only, which includes a set of troubleshooting tools.

QuickBooks Tool Hub shows the Home section

You can use the launchpad to repair any issues you might encounter with QuickBooks Desktop, such as installation or networking errors. It’s incredibly easy to use it.

How to download QuickBooks Tool Hub

Make sure to close QuickBooks Desktop before getting started. You can download QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official website and install it right away.

QuickBooks Tool Hub installation

It has some software dependencies, though. For example, it requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x86) to work properly. If you don’t already have it installed, it will offer to set it up on your behalf.

The remaining installation process is easy and permits you to specify a preferred setup folder.

How to use QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub has an intuitive interface with detailed instructions for each component, which teach you how to use it to achieve the best results.

Here’s a rundown of the QuickBooks Desktop problems you can resolve by turning to this troubleshooter:

  • If you’re having trouble when attempting to open company files, go to the Company File Issues tab to repair corrupt files and those that throw error messages like 6000, 6123, 6000 -83, and 6144.QuickBooks Tool Hub shows the Company File Issues section
  • For network errors like H202, head over to the Network Issues section and follow the on-screen instructions to fix them. Just keep in mind that you can’t do this from your PC but from a server computer.QuickBooks Tool Hub shows the Network Issues section
  • General problems that occur at the program level, including crashes, hangs, and software compatibility issues, can be solved in the Program Problems section. You can also repair PDF and printing errors.QuickBooks Tool Hub shows the Program Problems section
  • If you can’t get QuickBooks Desktop to install, uninstall or reinstall properly, visit the Installation Issues area to run diagnostics and fix errors like 3371.QuickBooks Tool Hub shows the Installation Issues area
  • You need an account in order to use QuickBooks Desktop. If you forgot the password and need to recover it without any hassle, check out the Password Reset instructions.QuickBooks Tool Hub shows the Password Reset options

Keep in mind that if any tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub isn’t already installed on your computer, it will be downloaded and set up automatically in the background. During this time, the program may not respond to commands properly, so make sure to wait until the setup is complete.

QuickBooks Tool Hub shows the Advanced Tools section

The Advanced Tools section provides shortcuts to some essential utilities found in Windows 10, such as computer specifications, the startup manager, Windows Updates, Windows Explorer, and Task Manager.


QuickBooks Tool Hub offers a simple solution for troubleshooting any problems that might occur with QuickBooks Desktop. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and good at what it does. Plus, it details all instructions in the graphical interface to avoid any confusion.

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