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Add And Use Tomboy Notes Tool In Ubuntu Linux

Tomboy is a desktop note taking tool in Ubuntu Linux that is a part of Ubuntu distribution. It has all the features of a good note taking software like searching among notes, inter linking of notes, multiple formatting styles, spell check, and printing of notes etc. It is not only limited to a simple note taking application, but there are many plugins that have been developed by 3rd party developers which add more features to the overall functionality and productivity.

Tomboy does not load by default or you can not find it in any menu, you will need to add tomboy to the panel. To add Tomboy to the panel, right click at the empty area of the panel and click “Add To Panel”.


Now from list of applications, search for Tomboy and add it.


Now tomboy is added to your panel. You can directly access it from there or by going to Applications > Accessories >Tomboy Notes.


You can add new note from File > New or by clicking the Tomboy system tray icon and selecting Create New Note.


You can easily link two notes together, just select the note and click at “Link” to link this with some other note. You can  search any text among notes by “Search“. You can customize its settings from “Preferences”. To load Preferences box, right click at Tomboy icon in system tray and click Preferences.


You can make settings of Font, spell check, and highlight from Editing tab.


HotKeys Tab offers to set shortcut keys for different options.


You can also create a group of notes called Notebook in Tomboy. Go to File > Notebook to create a notebook. Enjoy!

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