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Backup And Restore System Data With Sbackup in Ubuntu Linux

It is vital to adapt tool for data backup so as to have a point of recovery in case of accidental deletion of data. Ubuntu Linux has some very useful data backup software. Sbackup is one of the commonly used application for data backup and recovery. It is free and has user friendly graphical interface to manage your backups. It allows you to take backup of your system data any time you want and also lets you schedule the backup process.

You can install this by running the following command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install sbackup

After installation is complete, you can load it by navigating to System > Administration > Simple Backup Config from the Panel.


The General tab let you define the way you need to backup your system, there are three options, Use Recommended Backup Settings, Use Custom Backup Settings,, and make Manual Backups Only. You can use Recommended backup option to make daily and weekly backup. Once backup is complete, you will find it in /var/backup directory, the directory to store backup can always be changed. Custom backup allows you to set your own settings for data backups, i.e. you will decide time, and destination directory for backups. Manual backup option performs one backup only.

Include tab contain list of directories. Select the directories which you need to backup and click Add directory. You can also add any specific single file as well. To add single file, use Add File.


From Destination tab, you can change destination directory to store backups. You can specify any local directory or a remote location(FTP).


Time tab let you specify the time for data backup, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. In short, it lets you set the time for backups that are scheduled.


Once you are done with settings, click Save . Your backup will be generated as per your settings and you can find these backup in the directory /var/backup only if you have not changed the default destination.

Now restoring the backup is pretty easy. Open System > Administration > Simple Backup Restore from the Panel. You will see list of available backups from Available Backups.


Now every backup will display a list of directories available in it, select the directory that you want to restore and click Restore.


Your backup will now be restored. Enjoy!

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