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CheckGmail – GMail Notifier For Ubuntu Linux

There is no doubt that Gmail is the fastest growing email service at the moment and million of users are using it. If you have logged in to Google Talk then it notifies you when a new email arrives, but what if you are on any flavor of Linux and you are having no luck with Google Talk? Keeping GMail open all the time is not a good idea.

CheckGmail is a free tool that stays in your task bar and whenever you receive a new email, it opens a small notification window and by clicking the window you are taken to your Gmail account. To install it in Ubuntu is a very easy, just run following command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install checkgmail

Once the installation is over, you can launch it from Applications > Internet > CheckGmail. When you launch it the first time, you will need to configure some settings like your username, password, time after which it should check for email, and some other options.


Once done, click OK and it will be added to system tray as shown in following screenshot.


Now, it will automatically check your Gmail account after the specified time and will open notification window when you receive a new mail.




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