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Find Tons Of Applications For Ubuntu Linux At Appnr

Are you looking for a Windows software, well no problem. Are you looking for a software that works on Ubuntu, now that’s a bit difficult. There are tons of directories and sites hosting applications for Windows, a simple Google search will show you all types of windows software. But when it comes to Ubuntu, very few directories are hosting it’s applications.

Appnr is one such rare directory which hosts all applications related to Ubuntu. You will find almost all software released so far in this simple-to-browse directory. You can install any software by clicking Install button next to each application, but you will have to first install AptURL protocol handler(Ubuntu 7.10 uses AptURL by default).

To install AptURL from Terminal, type the following command.

sudo apt-get install apturl

Now once it is installed, you will have to add AptURL protocol support to a web browsers. The details of which are given here.

appnr main website page

Once done, restart your browser and you will see Install button next to the applications. To Install an app, just click Install and you are done. Enjoy!

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