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grdesktop Is A Gnome Frontend For Remote Desktop Client (rdesktop)

Many network/system admins require a feature rich remote desktop client to perform their tasks efficiently, from remote locations. grdesktop is a Linux application which acts as a frontend for the rdesktop (a Gnome remote desktop client). grdesktop provides many similar options to the Windows Remote Desktop client, enabling you to save and manage several remote connection settings. It has the ability to connect with client systems on Windows Domain while letting users browse available Terminal servers connected in a network.

You can directly connect to a system by specifying the IP or computer name. Click Execute to establish the connection with the remote machine.


Alternatively, you can specify advanced options before connecting to a remote computer (via the Down button). The General tab provides the option to specify the computer name, username, password and Domain. It lets you select Windows Domain version (e.g. Server 2003, NT, etc) and save the connection settings for later use.


Like the Windows Remote Desktop client, the Display tab allows configuring display settings for the remote desktop display. This can help you determine how the remote machine will appear on your monitor and help reduce lags if the monitor resolution is not set to the optimum level.


Resources tab allows selecting the language code for the keyboard, and a sound device for the remote connection.


Similarly, you can select a program to execute when the remote connection is established, from the Programtab. Other tuning options can be set from the Extended tab, such as, enable/disable force bitmap updates, motion events and encryption, hide window manager decorations, and toggle SSH tunneling on/off.

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